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Total Depravity: Another Church Shooting

Out in Richmond, California, Three young men with black sweatshirt hoods pulled over their heads walked into a packed church service in Richmond today, where one of them opened fire and wounded two teenagers sitting in the pews, police said. … Continue reading

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Pet Peeves That Peeve

I suppose Gavin has tapped into my just-below-the-surface rage by mentioning what has to be the one thing that annoys me more than just about anything else, including slow drivers, dilettantes, atheists, and snooty Lutherans- the use of ‘Revelations’ when … Continue reading

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Judas Was Turned by the Romans into an Informant?

That’s what Gerry Adams, the Sinn Féin leader said as host of a series on the Bible airing in the United Kingdom. Besides his idea about Judas being a little odd, the fact that Adams is the host is raising … Continue reading

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How Fat Is Too Fat To Fly?

‘Silent Bob’ fat perhaps? Filmmaker Kevin Smith, fresh from delivering a speech at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, unleashed his fury on Southwest Airlines after the pilot on Smith’s flight from Oakland to Burbank ejected him for being “too … Continue reading

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The NCAA Is Banning Eye Black Adverts

Now that Tim Tebow is out of school, the NCAA has decided to ban the decorations some athletes scrawl under their eyes. Taking effect in the 2010 season is the banning of all words, logos, numbers or other symbols on … Continue reading

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Evolution Sunday? Nah

Credo in Deum, Patrem omnipotentem, Creatorem caeli et terrae – The Apostle’s Creed. This good and almighty God created all things, both visible and invisible, by his co-eternal Word, and preserves them by his co-eternal Spirit, as David testified when … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: Misbehaving Lawyers

In this woeful era of mortgage foreclosures in the hundreds of thousands, greasy lawyers have found a way to take advantage of the already down-and-out. Ripoffs of homeowners have become so commonplace that state bar associations from Florida to Arizona … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading Now

Emil Brunner’s withering slaughter of the theology of FDE Schleiermacher. This one has, sadly, never been translated into English (why not????  It’s an amazing piece of polemic which devastates the very sort of theology underpinning ’emergent’ theology and modern (pseudo)ecclesiology.) … Continue reading

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Roland Deines: On the Study of Theology

Deines teaches at the University of Nottingham. With thanks to Daniel Sihombing for pointing it out (on FB).

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And A Happy Singles Awareness Day (SAD) To You Too!

While those in romantic relationships will spend the day embracing, do give a thought for the multitudes for whom Valentine’s Day is nothing but Singles Awareness Day– also known as SAD. SAD is that annual event during which persons without … Continue reading

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Looking For a Job?

Executive Director Metanexus Institute (Pennsylvania) (date posted: 02/14/2010) Assistant/Associate Professor of Religion Brewton-Parker College (Georgia) (date posted: 02/12/2010) Full-Time Faculty, Theology Azusa Pacific University (California) (date posted: 02/08/2010) Professor of Christian Education Campbell University Divinity School (North Carolina) (date posted: … Continue reading

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