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Are You Orthorexic? Do You Suffer From Orthorexia?

Orthorexia is another in the long train of goofy ‘illnesses’ which we Americans have come to love. It’s defined as ‘an obsession with avoiding foods perceived to be unhealthy’. Neat huh? Everything, yes absolutely everything, is an illness. I wonder … Continue reading

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Lisbet Müller: Mary Magdalene- From Apostle to Prostitute

Lisbet Müller, the wife, by the way, of Mogens Müller, has written a book due out in March (the 8th) on Mary Magdalene with the provocative title, Mary Magdalene: From Apostle to Prostitute. The publisher is the Alfa Forlag of … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

The one who seeks to understand God’s majesty will be crushed by His glory.  — John Calvin

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Total Depravity: Iowa’s 12 Year Old Killer

A 12-year-old Iowa boy has been charged with murder and other counts in a shooting that killed his stepfather and injured a young girl. The Iowa Department of Public Safety says the boy is charged with one count of first-degree … Continue reading

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When Mascots Attack…

Cheerleaders get devoured.. That’s some funny doings.

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The Problem of Pride Amongst the Bloggers

Todd Bolen has a nicely written piece over on Bible Places about what looks to be a recent scam- a ‘top 50’ list of the ‘most important’ bible themed blogs (which when having appeared received a bit of mockery). Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Avatar: A Hodgepodge of Other People’s Ideas

16 other people’s ideas, it seems.  Mind you, I’ve not seen the movie and though I hear it’s very visual I still don’t plan to.  I like movies with actors, not computer generated creatures, as the stars. And, honestly, ever … Continue reading

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Bibleworks 8: Is There a Bug?

I love using Bibleworks 8.  It’s a fantastic program.  But the last few days something odd has happened each time I open it.  First, this message pops up: I click ok, imagining that the missing bit will then be installed. … Continue reading

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It’s Not The Missionaries in Haiti on Trial, It’s Haiti

Time Magazine has a fascinating essay on the situation in Haiti, writing … for the group of Haitian women huddled outside the courthouse, it’s the Haitian government that’s on trial. Their speech becomes more emphatic as they assert that the … Continue reading

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Carol Newsom In The News

Candler School of Theology professor Carol Newsom will be at Furman University on Tuesday, Feb. 16 to lecture on “Wings of Desire: Two Myths of Origins and Their Ethical Implications.” The lecture, at 4 p.m. in McEachern Lecture Room (Room … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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Institutes of the Christian Religion: The 1541 French Edition

The always kind folk at Eerdmans have sent along for review a copy of the newly published Institutes based on the 1541 French edition.  This is the first time that the aforementioned edition has been rendered in English. Here’s my … Continue reading

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Sad News: The Death of Rudolf Bohren

Reformiert Info reports Nach kurzer, schwerer Krankheit verstarb am Abend des 1. Februar 2010 Prof. em. Dr. Rudolf Bohren im Alter von 89 Jahren. Der reformierte Theologe lehrte und wirkte als ”Grenzgänger zwischen Theologie, Literatur und Psychologie”, von 1974 bis … Continue reading

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That’s Just Simply Wrong

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so of course news sources are pondering the matter of sex in the context of faith. Religion has a lot to say about sex, and some faiths are more permissive than others when … Continue reading

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