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Are You Orthorexic? Do You Suffer From Orthorexia?

Orthorexia is another in the long train of goofy ‘illnesses’ which we Americans have come to love. It’s defined as ‘an obsession with avoiding foods perceived to be unhealthy’.

Neat huh? Everything, yes absolutely everything, is an illness. I wonder what it’s called when you find such niceties ridiculous and absurd and more than a little self absorbed? All this introspective navel gazing is annoying as all get out. No one’s responsible- everyone’s sick… Rubbish.

Our society is hell-bent on calling everything it can a sickness because it has long since abandoned any notion of responsibility and accountability.

It’s not your fault you’re only eating broccoli.  You’re sick, poor thing….

Lisbet Müller: Mary Magdalene- From Apostle to Prostitute

Lisbet Müller, the wife, by the way, of Mogens Müller, has written a book due out in March (the 8th) on Mary Magdalene with the provocative title, Mary Magdalene: From Apostle to Prostitute.

The publisher is the Alfa Forlag of Copenhagen.

With many thanks to Mogens for telling me about it.

Quote of the Day

The one who seeks to understand God’s majesty will be crushed by His glory.  — John Calvin

Total Depravity: Iowa’s 12 Year Old Killer

A 12-year-old Iowa boy has been charged with murder and other counts in a shooting that killed his stepfather and injured a young girl. The Iowa Department of Public Safety says the boy is charged with one count of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted murder and one count of willful injury. Department spokeswoman Courtney Greene says the Lucas County attorney filed the paperwork Friday. Officials say authorities responded to a shooting Wednesday afternoon. When they arrived, they found the body of 37-year-old Todd Peek. They also found 5-year-old Cheyanne Peek suffering from a gunshot wound.

Why? Who knows. Whatever the apparent cause, the real cause is the human inclination to evil.  And that evil manifests itself eventually in everyone who lives unaided by the grace of God.  Whether it be manifested through murder or pride or covetousness or greed or any of the other possibilities always present in human life, it will always rear its ugly head.

When Mascots Attack…

Cheerleaders get devoured..

That’s some funny doings.

The Problem of Pride Amongst the Bloggers

Todd Bolen has a nicely written piece over on Bible Places about what looks to be a recent scam- a ‘top 50’ list of the ‘most important’ bible themed blogs (which when having appeared received a bit of mockery).

Unfortunately posting comments on Todd’s piece isn’t possible (for me anyway, I got an error message when I tried), so I’ll slap my comments up here.

The fact that the ‘blog’ making the list being virtually unknown should have clued everyone in to the fact that it was simply an attempt to generate traffic. How many biblioblogs mentioned their newfound ‘fame’ and provided a link to the offender without checking it out first?

Pride, my friends, prods us all, from time to time, to link to lists naming us without first checking out the why or where-for. Why are we being listed? Is it simply for the sake of information, humor, interaction? Is the blogger at least relatively widely known? Does the blog or list have even a semblance of a following? Does it regularly link with and interact with other related blogs?  What are the reasons for inclusion?  Can you think of blogs that are obviously important but which are strangely overlooked?  Or is it an independently oriented, never interacting, slightly ever read, self promoting commercial enterprise ready to prey on the very people to whom it panders?

Where there’s interest in a subject, there’s someone wanting to make a buck from it. Just ask Shanks and Jacobovici and Cameron.  Or there’s someone wanting to piggyback on those more well known than themselves simply to boost their own hits or promote their own atheist agenda.  I’m just sayin…

Avatar: A Hodgepodge of Other People’s Ideas

16 other people’s ideas, it seems.  Mind you, I’ve not seen the movie and though I hear it’s very visual I still don’t plan to.  I like movies with actors, not computer generated creatures, as the stars.

And, honestly, ever since Cameron decided to befoul the Bible with his dilettantish ‘Exodus’ I’ve been disinclined to see anything he makes.  I’d feel guilty if my hard earned money put a drop of fuel in his jet.

But movies should at least have some semblance of originality, even if they are remakes of tv shows or earlier versions.

Avatar finally ended its stretch as America’s #1 movie, but people are continuing to point out sources that James Cameron borrowed from. It’s become a national pastime, our version of Banshee-catching. We’ve rounded up 16 sources that Cameron allegedly nabbed.

Go see them.

Bibleworks 8: Is There a Bug?

I love using Bibleworks 8.  It’s a fantastic program.  But the last few days something odd has happened each time I open it.  First, this message pops up:

I click ok, imagining that the missing bit will then be installed.  But, no.  This pops up:

Ok, so that’s weird.  So I click ok anyway.  And then this delight:

This pops up, I click ok, and then it pops up twice more, three times in all.  And after all that, the program runs normally and without issues.

Strange, right?  I’ve contacted the very good folk at BW8 and when a response/ fix is sent along I’ll post it- on the off chance that this has happened or will happen to others.

UPDATE:  Jim Barr of BW writes

I ran it by our tech guys, and this is what they gave me. You reported that when you try to start BibleWorks, you get the message, “BibleWorks needs to update your Macromedia Flash Player installation….” To remedy the problem please go to the Control Panel, uninstall all the versions of Flash that were installed, and then go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and install Flash.

It’s Not The Missionaries in Haiti on Trial, It’s Haiti

Time Magazine has a fascinating essay on the situation in Haiti, writing

… for the group of Haitian women huddled outside the courthouse, it’s the Haitian government that’s on trial. Their speech becomes more emphatic as they assert that the government is treating the foreigners better than Haitian citizens, specifically when police officers cover the Americans’ faces with jackets to shield them from the prying camera lenses. “If it was a Haitian, they would hit him over the head, not protect him,” says Andrea Brezeau, 48. Tension over this preferential treatment erupted even among Haitian journalists. As Haitian police officers transferred the missionaries from a police vehicle to a jail cell, one Haitian female journalist threw stones at the Americans screaming, “They should be showing their faces. They don’t have a right to cover their faces.”


the majority of Haitian journalists have not paid close attention to this story because there are much larger issues in Haiti. “We have other concerns, like finding water, finding food, living on a day-to-day basis, finding some money to survive, looking for our dead friends and dead relatives. Everyone has immediate concerns,” says Michel.

And saddest of all

Ginette B. Louis, 38, is a mother herself and says that many parents feel there is no future in their own country. “Why is it that these foreigners are taking our children, but the state is not?” asks Louis. “I can’t judge the parents. The country doesn’t offer anything.”

The latter point seems terribly important. If the missionaries were offering a better life for children with no future, and those children’s parents were willing to hand them over, then where’s the crime in the first place? The crime lies in the State, which has failed its own people so miserably that parents are willing to do such things.

Carol Newsom In The News

Candler School of Theology professor Carol Newsom will be at Furman University on Tuesday, Feb. 16 to lecture on “Wings of Desire: Two Myths of Origins and Their Ethical Implications.” The lecture, at 4 p.m. in McEachern Lecture Room (Room 214 in Furman Hall), will focus on passages from the Book of Genesis (chapters 2-3) and the non-canonical Book of Enoch (also known as 1 Enoch). Newsom will show how to identify patterns of ethical thinking in different narratives of the origin of evil. The event is the biennial Horton Lecture at Furman and is free and open to the public. It carries Cultural Life Program (CLP) status for Furman students in attendance.

Via Jack Sasson

Signs of the Times

Institutes of the Christian Religion: The 1541 French Edition

The always kind folk at Eerdmans have sent along for review a copy of the newly published Institutes based on the 1541 French edition.  This is the first time that the aforementioned edition has been rendered in English.

Here’s my review.

Sad News: The Death of Rudolf Bohren

Reformiert Info reports

Nach kurzer, schwerer Krankheit verstarb am Abend des 1. Februar 2010 Prof. em. Dr. Rudolf Bohren im Alter von 89 Jahren. Der reformierte Theologe lehrte und wirkte als ”Grenzgänger zwischen Theologie, Literatur und Psychologie”, von 1974 bis zu seiner Emeritierung 1988 in Heidelberg.

He wrote a fairly famous book on preaching but he accomplished much more than that.

Rudolf Bohren wurde am 22. März 1920 in Grindelwald geboren. Er besuchte das Freie Gymnasium in Bern und studierte während des Zweiten Weltkrieges an den Universitäten von Bern und Basel Theologie.

1946 wurde Bohren zunächst als Pfarrverweser in Bern eingesetzt, später war er Pfarrer in Holderbank-Möriken-Wildegg (1947-1956) und in Arlesheim/Basel-Land (1956 bis 1958).

1958 ging Bohren als Professor für Praktische Theologie an die Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal, wo er bis 1971 lehrte. In dieser Zeit arbeitete er zusammen mit dem Alttestamentler Hans Walter Wolff, dem Neutestamentler Georg Eichholz und den Systematikern Jürgen Moltmann sowie Hans-Georg Geyer.

1972 bis 1974 war B. Professor an der Kirchlichen Hochschule von Westberlin. Von 1974 bis zu seiner Emeritierung im Jahre 1988 lehrte er als Professor für Praktische Theologie an der Universität Heidelberg.

May he rest in peace.

That’s Just Simply Wrong

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so of course news sources are pondering the matter of sex in the context of faith.

Religion has a lot to say about sex, and some faiths are more permissive than others when it comes to what’s OK and what’s not. Conservative denominations teach that sex is reserved for marriage. To them, that means one man and one woman, ideally for the purpose of creating children.

Not Conservative- biblically oriented.

Other believers say that as long as sex is between two consenting adults who show each other respect and love, it is pleasing to God. Their genders or legal status don’t matter.

Rubbish. Such ‘believers’ may believe in something but they don’t believe 1) what the Bible teaches and hence 2) are not adherents of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Last week, hundreds of high-school students heard a chastity talk at Bishop Watterson High School that encouraged them to wait for their wedding night to have sex.


A week earlier, at a Columbus church with much more liberal theology, a group of lesbians was permitted to hold a sex-toy party because the pastor wanted them to have a safe place to talk about sexual pleasure. The church is not being named because the women are concerned about their safety.

I wouldn’t want the name of my church out in the public either if I were doing something so blatantly wrong.

It’s an interesting essay. Do give the whole thing a read. It shows the varieties of perversity passing for acceptable behavior among ‘believers’ these days.