Sad News: The Death of D.J. Wiseman

On the Biblical Studies list, David Baker writes

I just heard the sad news of the passing on February 2 of Donald Wiseman, Emeritus Professor of Assyriology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He was a leading figure in Assyriological studies (The Alalakh Tablet, 1953; Chronicles of Chaldean Kings [626-556 BC], 1956); ‘Assyria and Babylonia c. 1200-1000 BC, in CAH II/2, 1975; The Vassal Treaties of Esarhaddon, 1958; Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon, 1985; ‘Babylonia 605-539 BC’ in CAH III/2, 1991) and in the study of Old Testament history and backgrounds (Illustrations from Biblical Archaeology, 1958; Notes on Some Problems in the Book of Daniel, 1965; 1&2 Kings, 1993). He is one who truly comes to mind when thinking of ‘a gentleman and a scholar.’

David W. Baker Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages Ashland Theological Seminary

UPDATE: You can read Alan Millard’s tribute to Professor Wiseman here.

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    One of my favorite mid 20th century thinkers was your American conservative Jewish mind: Will Herberg.


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