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Quote Of the Day

A saint is a person whom God has apprehended for Himself, and one who willingly submits to this claim; thus he is one who, by the very fact that God’s Hand has seized him, has really become God’s “property”; thus … Continue reading

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My Honest Opinon About Churches That Replace Worship With the Super Bowl

I’ll just go ahead and in an uncharacteristically blunt manner state my view on the matter: I think that ‘churches’ which cancel worship for a ball game aren’t worthy of the name church. Furthermore, I think that when entertainment becomes … Continue reading

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The Big Game Bash…

At Fall Creek Baptist Church in Indiana will replace the evening service of worship. This year, there will be no admission fee. The church has been taking a “snack collection” in advance and guests are encouraged to bring a canned … Continue reading

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Idolatrous Churches: Idlewild Baptist of Tampa Florida

It didn’t take long for the news to crop up that So that people can enjoy the Super Bowl between the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints, Idlewild is canceling its evening service and Bible fellowship classes Feb. 7. Not … Continue reading

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Idolatrous Churches

Every year the news reports that some church or other has canceled their service of worship in order to allow their ‘congregation’ time and space to watch the Super Bowl without feeling those unpleasant gnawing pangs of guilt for having … Continue reading

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A New Book That Looks Intriguing

Nach der Calvinjahr-Ausstellung im Emslandmuseum nun zum Nachlesen das Buch “Johannes Calvin und die Evangelisch-reformierte Kirche im Emsland“. Price and more details there.

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Since When?

Anglicans are a ‘blessing for the entire Church,’ states Pope Benedict… Huh? The Holy Father welcomed bishops from England and Wales in audience on Monday morning in the Consistory Room of the Apostolic Palace as they complete their “ad Limina” … Continue reading

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The Berne Theses: 1

1 Die heilige christliche Kirche, deren einziges Haupt Christus ist, ist aus dem Worte Gottes geboren, bleibt in demselben und hört nicht die Stimme eines Fremden. The Holy Christian Church, whose only head is Christ, is born of the Word … Continue reading

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The Cornerstone Biblical Commentary: Psalms and Proverbs

Tyndale has sent a copy (gratis, gracias Tyndale!) of their recently published volume covering Psalms and Proverbs by Futato and Schwab respectively. Textually based on the New Living Translation, the commentary offers the usual introductions to the biblical books under … Continue reading

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The Baptists in Haiti

Haitian officials say they are talking with U.S. diplomats about whether 10 American Baptists arrested trying to take children out of the country should be sent to the United States for prosecution. A lawyer representing the Americans says the nine … Continue reading

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Norman Golb’s Response

Inside Higher Education takes note of the Golb case and reports- Norman Golb, meanwhile, said in an e-mail to Inside Higher Ed that he is “certainly unaware of any ‘smear campaign’ in the various articles about the Scrolls controversy attributed … Continue reading

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Now This Is A Song…

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All The Single Ladies? Best of the Year?

You’re kidding, right?  A song with lyrics that go ‘if you like it shoulda put a ring on it…’   Oh America.  If that’s the best in music you’ve had for the entire year, your doom is surely near.

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