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Theses By Which to Live: A Series

Die Berner Thesen In altem Deutsch 1 Die heilig Christenlich Kilch, deren einig houpt Christus, ist us dem wort Gots geborn, im sel­ben belibt sy und hoeret nit die stimm eines froembden. 2 Die Kilch Christi machet nit gesatz und … Continue reading

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Lying and Manipulation are Never Appropriate

Especially for Christians!  So give a listen to Scott’s podcast on the subject.  It’s nicely informed and informative. That anyone calling themselves a Christian could manage to justify their behavior by making use of the evil ‘ends justify the means’ … Continue reading

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Oscar The Cat: There Not in Comfort But For More Heinous Reasons…

Oscar the cat doesn’t appear in rooms in his nursing home to bring comfort- he comes to bring death…  because that’s what cats do… bring death….  Beware, you cat owners.  If the only company you have is a cat, it … Continue reading

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Good Intentions, Bad Implementation

Ten Americans will appear in court tomorrow in Port-au-Prince after attempting to take 34 children out of Haiti, saying that they were trying to rescue them. The Baptist aid workers, from the Idaho-based New Life Children’s Refuge, were arrested on … Continue reading

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The End of the Horror

Snow’s done… whew… and I survived it. But it took its toll and left its mark…

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Now How Nice is That?

Thanks, Barbara!

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Calvin: On Self Understanding

That person has profited well in the knowledge of himself when he is crushed and frightened by understanding his wretchedness, poverty, nakedness, and disgrace. For there is no danger that a person will lower himself too much, provided he understands … Continue reading

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Good For Billy

Billy Bragg … is threatening to not pay his taxes in protest of the big bank bonuses to the Royal Bank of Scotland. Bragg explains that he has written to the Chancellor to inform him that he is “no longer … Continue reading

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The Archbishop Is Right About That

If the world wants an ethical economy, it must build ethical people. That was the message from the Archbishop of Canterbury at the end of a three-day conference at Trinity Church on Wall Street this week. Dr Rowan Williams asserted … Continue reading

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Weather: A Question/Observation

Here in East Tennessee, in the Knoxville area, there are hundreds of churches that have canceled services today because of the weather.   And I have no quibble with that.  Be safe, etc., and all that. But, that said, I … Continue reading

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