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Theocracy, Lancaster California Style

As a Baptist who firmly believes in the State keeping its grotesque nose out of the business of religion I find the remarks of the Mayor of Lancaster both offensive and abusive. The mayor of Lancaster has urged its residents … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Murdering Teen Edition

This fellow killed an 80 year old woman as she sat in her car in the church parking lot where she had just attended Mass.  For her purse. For her purse, he shot her.   An 80 year old woman… Youngstown … Continue reading

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Ah, Life in Rural America…

Where the power has gone out because a tree caused a line to arc.  And the temperature tonight is supposed to be 11.  And the electric company has no idea how long it will be off.  (And I can only … Continue reading

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Texas, An Inflatable Gorilla, A Fire, And a Fire Chief

Are all brought together in one of those tales that makes me glad there’s a Texas in these here United States.  Texas, bless you, you are an unending source of comic material. Here are the facts: 1- an out-of-control inflatable … Continue reading

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Oh Pastors…

Don’t pull guns on your children.  At church… The son of a well-known Alcoa pastor has taken out an order of protection against his father, claiming he was threatened with a gun during an argument at a church over his … Continue reading

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Islamic Theology: Soon to be Available in German Universities

Germany will announce a plan on Monday to offer training programs for students who wish to become Muslim spiritual leaders, or imams, the country’s top academic body said. The German Council of Science and Humanities, composed of senior government officials … Continue reading

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Tel Kabri 2009

I wish I had gone, but alas… I couldn’t.  However, Eric Cline was still kind enough to send me a couple of tee shirts from the dig.  Here’s front, back, and the whole thing.  Thanks, Eric. I’m not sure if … Continue reading

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I Buy Books, And If I Have Money Left Over, I Buy Food and Clothes…

So said Erasmus of Rotterdam and he’s not alone in that sentiment.  As my wife can testify.  And I’m sure I’m not alone among theologians and biblical scholars.  Or, it seems, the general public. Three-quarters of adults questioned in an … Continue reading

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The Horror Continues…

Though if the radar is right, there shouldn’t be much more of the gross stuff.  Here’s how things stand this morning…

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