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Another Mega Church With Mega Debt Mega Suffers

Lumbering behemoth the Crystal Cathedral is being crushed under its own weight of debt and shortfalls. The Southern California megachurch founded by televangelist Robert H. Schuller Sr. is selling property, laying off workers and pulling its signature TV program “Hour … Continue reading

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The Horror Continues…

Now there’s 1.5″ on the ground…  with more *gasp* on the way.

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The Horror Spreads…

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Did Raphael Golb Intend To Destroy Robert Cargill’s Career?

It’s not only ugly in some academic circles, it’s downright dirty, nasty.  Bob Cargill has evidence that Golb was attempting to destroy his career (because, apparently, and only because of differing views on scrolls written a couple of millenia ago). … Continue reading

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Oh People…

Tattoos are just a very bad idea.  Besides of course the more important fact that they are Verboten!  And if you don’t believe me- believe this:

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The Horror Begins…

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More Pastoral Misconduct

Well, at least ‘allegedly’ (I love that word- it covers over a multitude of sins). The pastor of a Lawrence church, his wife, and the church’s secretary have been charged with embezzling almost $137,000 from the congregation’s bank account. The … Continue reading

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Murder in the Name of Life is Insanity

Hence the verdict in the case of Scott Roeder is completely correct.   It takes a serious case of madness to defend murder by claiming that it saves lives.  The murder of a murderer only makes two murderers and the … Continue reading

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Review: Life Application Bible Studies- Hebrews

Life Application Bible Studies: Hebrews Reviewed by Jim West Tyndale has published a massively useful and thoroughly engaging study-guide for those Christians looking for help in understanding one of the more difficult New Testament books (and been kind enough to … Continue reading

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To Reform or Not to Reform: The First Zurich Disputation

Opened on the 29th of January, 1523 and during the disputation Zwingli and his colleagues urged the clerics and burgermeisters of the Canton to adopt Zwingli’s reformatory theology.  Abandon the ‘mass’, purify worship and Church, update the laws of the … Continue reading

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It’s Better Than an iPad, And Lots Cheaper!

And you can learn all about it here – The iPad. Via Ron.

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Total Depravity: The Deceptive Scribe Edition

It didn’t take long for a story to crop up fitting the mold of the deceptive lying scholar exhibiting total depravity.  Antonio Lombatti has the reprehensible tale of the forged and fraudulent copy of Mark. A clever bit of detective … Continue reading

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Astonishing: Did Norman Golb Know What Raphael Was Doing All Along?

There seems to be evidence that he did, and Robert Cargill has it.  For the backstory to this amazing and I must confess disturbing development, see here. For all the dismay I’ve had over the years about Raphael Golb’s attempts … Continue reading

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