Tyndale Is Launching a New Site

Tyndale writes (for those of you who didn’t get the email)

On February 1st we will be introducing a newly designed, more user friendly, and information packed site.

And here’s the part I think you’ll appreciate:

To celebrate the launch of this new site, Tyndale is giving away four books a day in the following categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Bibles, and Kids. All you have to do is visit the site to sign up. If you don’t win one day, keep coming back to sign up, and visit www.tyndale.com starting on February 1st for a chance to win!

10 thoughts on “Tyndale Is Launching a New Site

  1. Jim,
    Have you ever mentioned what you think of the NLT Translation (so-called)? My wife reads herself the NLT Study Bible. I have one that was given to me also (same). But I use mostly…in Translation, the ESV. (However I am one of those that still uses and likes the old RSV. Especially just to read.) But I like the ESV Study Bible very much. It is in a place by itself! Lots of information before your fingertips. But as to the NLT, for a dynamic approach.. is much better than the older NIV. My thoughts at least.

    I know you like to translate yourself (OT & NT) for preaching and study. I do also, but that’s another subject.


  2. it’s a pretty good translation. i have two ‘test passages’ for any translation – jeremiah 25, and romans 8.

    if translators can do justice to these two passages (both of which are very significant) then more than likely they’ve done a good job throughout. but if they bungle these two sections, chances are pretty good they will bungle most.

    so, that said, the nlt handles those test texts well enough.


  3. Jim,
    Reading the NLT translation Intro, they seem to be trying to take a middle position between the literal and the dynamic. I am not so sure that have got there myself? Though it is so much better than the NIV! I see some call the NLT “free style” or “Functional” in translation. But yes, overall I like it, though I am one that likes the literal or “cognitive equivalence” approach best, as the ESV.


    • i like it but if i’m pressed about the ‘best’ english translation, i always reply ‘the revised english bible’. its so utterly enjoyable as to escape description.


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  5. Jim,
    Here I am in America, I did not know that at least a few Americans cared about the REB. Though it is good to know I am not that eccentric as Anglo-Irish, and right now in America. Personally, I don’t think those of us that read all the different English Bible translations (Brit or American) think about the anglicizations, though of course the Anglicist English linguistics are better! lol (Geez now I’m having my crack at satire some?)


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