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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: The Theological Version

Many modern Theologians should – apparently – never ask, or tell, the following: Don’t ever ask what the Bible says,  it won’t conform to the answer you desire. Don’t ever tell anyone what you really think, it will make you … Continue reading

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Elio Jucci: Between Beginning and End- Glares of Light in the Jewish Tradition

That’s the title of of an essay by Professor Jucci in a new volume itself titled Representing Light Across Arts and Sciences: Theories and Practices. [Here’s the URL in case the link above doesn’t work.  Oddly when I copy it … Continue reading

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A Picture (Or Cartoon) Is Worth More Than 1000 Words

Via my friend Mark Stevens on Facebook-

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Tyndale Is Launching a New Site

Tyndale writes (for those of you who didn’t get the email) On February 1st we will be introducing a newly designed, more user friendly, and information packed site. And here’s the part I think you’ll appreciate: To celebrate the launch … Continue reading

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Kim Fabricius: On Obama and Afghanistan

Very well written, Kim.  A fine example of theology applied.  Would that other the0logians saw as clearly what’s so very clearly to be seen.

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Julia O’Brien: Biblical Scholarship and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Julia’s new essay at Bible and Interpretation is nicely done.  She asks What role do–and should–biblical scholars play in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? See her answer.

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Conference Announcement: Mercer University Lectures

Dr. Kwok Pui Lan, a pioneer in Asian feminist theology and postcolonial theology, has been named Mercer University’s 2010 Harry Vaughan Smith Distinguished Visiting Professor of Christianity. Dr. Kwok will give three lectures in February as part of her appointment. … Continue reading

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True Words

Jeff Oien on sarcasm: ‘Sarchasm : The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn’t get it.’ There must be a considerable gulf separating me from some of my readers- I’m from hence calling it ‘sarchasm’.

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Eric Cline in the News!

And a hearty congratulations to him and GWU for their fantastic work.

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I’m Glad I’m A Christian…

And I don’t have to sacrifice a black goat in order to ward off the evil eye or bad luck, like the President of Pakistan does. There are lots of reasons to be glad if you’re a Christian.  Not needing … Continue reading

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Bullinger: On the Office of the Prophet

A public lecture read on Karlstag, in 1532 (i.e., the 28th of January). Zwingli had been dead a scant three months when Bullinger, having just arrived in Zurich to be Zwingli’s replacement, offered his views on the work of the … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Without the prod, the herd stands unmoved.  — Jim West

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Striking A Balance

Calvin steers us between the proverbial ‘rock and hard place’ in discussing human sinfulness.  He observes … when a person is stripped of all good, from that he too quickly takes occasion for carelessness. Because he is told that of … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Molesting Mother Edition

A 41-year-old Nebraska woman is accused of having sex nightly with her teenage son when he was in seventh and eighth grades, officials said Wednesday. Omaha Police said the now 15-year-old boy reported the alleged abuse last week to a … Continue reading

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Another Haiti Miracle

This is very happy, miraculous, news indeed: A French search team that wouldn’t go home pulled off another “miracle” rescue in Port-au-Prince, lifting a 17-year-old girl alive from beneath this cityscape of rubble. Above ground, hundreds of thousands of other survivors … Continue reading

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Being Stoned isn’t A Religious Right

A Colorado man says marijuana is the main sacrament of his religion and a drug charge against him violates his First Amendment rights. Trevor Douglas of Avon says he belongs to the Hawaii-based THC Ministry but was cited with marijuana … Continue reading

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The State of the Union Is…

Messed up.  So the Associated Press has taken a look at the facts in the President’s address and weighed them in the balances, finding a number of them wanting. For instance OBAMA: He called for action by the White House … Continue reading

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