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To my friend for the new blog badge. It’s at the top of the sidebar, where it deserves to be prominently displayed.

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Straight Bashing: Heterophobia’s Dirty Little Secret

Proponents of gay ‘marriage’ spent the 11th day of the Prop 8 trial Tuesday demonizing religious conservatives in what has become heterophobia’s dirty little secret- straight bashing to advance an agenda. Religious conservatives once again were the target of criticism … Continue reading

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The Case Against Raphael Golb

Has been continued until February 24th, according to Robert Cargill on FB.  It’s the eternal foot dragging that bums one out and makes one despair of our system of justice.

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Apple Unveils Giant iPhone and Calls it an iPad…

Let the wow-ing commence for all those who need a giant iPhone (or just the latest thingy to make them feel chic). At my age with my failing eyes I could use one but I’m not likely to spill $$$$$$ … Continue reading

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Congressional Hypocrisy

Congress is unhappy with the Secretary of the Treasury (aren’t we all) for the part he played in the bailout of big banks and insurance companies.  Congress is filled with hypocrites.  They’re the ones who approved the bailout in the … Continue reading

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Reformed Radio: What Would Calvin Think?

He’d probably think it was a pretty good idea.  You might too, but you won’t know until you check it out.  Via.

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Ferguson Symposium at Lipscomb University

Baptism in the Early Church: A Symposium on the Work of Everett Ferguson Everett Ferguson’s Baptism in the Early Church offers an exhaustive survey of the literary and material evidence for baptismal practice in the first five centuries of Christian … Continue reading

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Jesus Users

The Gospel of John contains an amazing and frequently overlooked hardly ever discussed section worth thinking about.  It’s John 6:26ff and it tells the tale of Jesus’ rather direct confrontation with the seekers after personal benefit. Jesus had just fed … Continue reading

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A Midweek Break From Seriousness

And a dive into the shallow end of the gene pool… with a couple of snaps from ‘Peopleofwalmart.com’ and ‘Failblog.org’.

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Are The Gospels ‘Copy Exercises’?

That’s what Joe Hoffman wants us to believe in an idea he’s pitching at Bible and Interpretation.  Here’s the heart of his thesis (which he eventually gets to 2/3rds of the way through his essay) … at a programmatic level, … Continue reading

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Webinar: Evolution and the Doctrine of Sin

Princeton Theological Seminary is hosting a conference which will also be available for those unable to attend (by webinar) titled Darwin Made Me Do It: Evolution and the Doctrine of Sin. February 8, 2010, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. (main … Continue reading

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Are You A Weather Geek?

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Twitter and Jocks: The Perfect Match

So opines Frank Deford on NPR this morning.   He asserts the match is right because athletes are seldom able to either spell correctly or use proper grammar.  Hence, their perfect match-up with Twitter- which avoids both proper spelling and … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Foolishness corresponds exactly to our arrogance of autonomy and our insane pretensions to it.  — Emil Brunner

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He’s Not a ‘Man’ If ‘He’s’ Pregnant, He’s a Woman

Men don’t get pregnant. Women who have had sex change surgery while maintaining their reproductive organs do. But yet again the press is trying to tell us that a ‘man’ is pregnant. Another man has gotten himself pregnant and is … Continue reading

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Sometimes It’s Easier to Make a Shot Blindfolded…

Than it is if you can see the basket, as this guy shows. There’s something theological about this. I’m sure it has to do with walking by faith and not by sight.

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Caspar Olevianus and Reformed Theology

This may be of interest to you, if you’re curious about the work of one of the most substantial, yet unfairly unknown, personages in Reformed history.

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Fred Phelps Has Too Much Time on His Hands

Besides being a hate-monger, doesn’t Phelps and his merry band of lunatics have something better to do than picket Twitter Headquarters? Sure, I’m no fan of Twitter. I think it’s just about the same thing as indecent exposure. Twitterers are … Continue reading

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A Day To Remember

Today marks the anniversary of the births of Mozart and DF Strauss. A good day indeed!

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