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Teen Drinking May Cause Irreversible Damage

That simple fact probably won’t deter the foolish, but perhaps it will at least make them pause for a few seconds before destroying themselves.

A recent study led by neuroscientist Susan Tapert of the University of California, San Diego compared the brain scans of teens who drink heavily with the scans of teens who don’t. Tapert’s team found damaged nerve tissue in the brains of the teens who drank. The researchers believe this damage negatively affects attention span in boys, and girls’ ability to comprehend and interpret visual information.

The moral- stay away from the booze, kids, or your brains will be damaged.

Paul Shirley: The Jock Version of Pat Robertson

Honestly I don’t know how some people manage to say the senseless things they do. Is it lack of intelligence, senility, or just simple stupidity?

In the case of Robertson, I think it’s most often the ramblings of senility. In the case of Shirley, though, I have to vote for stupidity. Only a stupid person could write what he has written about the people of Haiti.

Dear Haitians –
First of all, kudos on developing the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Your commitment to human rights, infrastructure, and birth control should be applauded.  As we prepare to assist you in this difficult time, a polite request: If it’s possible, could you not re-build your island home in the image of its predecessor? Could you not resort to the creation of flimsy shanty- and shack-towns? And could some of you maybe use a condom once in a while?


The Rest of the World

No, not the rest of the world, just a stupid jock.  A totally depraved one at that- because only the totally depraved have such disregard for and contempt concerning people suffering incredible hardship.

Looking For Something Unique and Cool?

Well it just so happens that my daughter has put her considerable knitting skills to good use and opened a little shop where you can find, at this moment, cup cozies (I guess that’s what they are called).  She’s going to be adding scarves and other knitted stuff to it too.  And it’s just not knitting, it’s art!

Check it out.  And if you have a special request for some knitted something or other, drop her a note there and she’ll be happy to oblige.

As a responsible and proud dad, I’m adding a link on the sidebar.

Why Is The President of the SBC Asking People to Donate to Haiti Relief…

Through Samaritans Purse, a non SBC entity?  Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for him to urge his Twitter Followers to give through Baptist Global Response instead of Samaritans Purse?

It’s not right for the President of the SBC to point people away from SBC entities when SBC agencies are doing fantastic work helping the people of Haiti.  It’s just wrong.   Of all people, the President of the SBC should be a staunch supporter of SBC causes.  What does it say to the world when he bypasses our own agencies treating others preferentially?

Is The Pope’s Personal Life Really Our Business?

Pope John Paul II whipped himself with a belt, even on vacation, and slept on the floor as acts of penitence and to bring him closer to Christian perfection, according to a new book by the Polish prelate spearheading his sainthood case.

What next? Will we learn that Ratzinger likes cheerios with a spoon shaped like St. Francis?

The personal habits of the Pope aren’t really all that intriguing. I’d much rather hear about the healings he has to have performed in order to be sanctified and then I’d most of all like to hear how the Church manages to justify it’s poor theology of saintliness as confined only to a few when all God’s people are saints; and how it manages to get away with its flawed notion of ‘christian perfection’.  Those are issues of interest to me, not the pope’s belt.

Christian Self Congratulations and Haiti

There have been a number of news reports locally on churches and schools which have come to the aid of Haiti. In more than a few of these reports, there’s more than a little self congratulation going on. ‘We have raised…’ ‘We are sending…’ ‘We have assembled a team…’

So all this pointing to self raises an important question:  whatever happened to Jesus’ injunction that when believers do acts of charity, they don’t let their ‘left hand know what their right hand is doing’?

Who’s notifying the media about these efforts?  One can assume, probably correctly, that someone involved in the fund raising is calling or emailing their local media representatives.  I don’t think the media are calling around to churches and christian schools asking ‘are you guys helping with Haiti relief?’

There’s great things going on in Haiti relief.  And the greatest things are precisely the very things you’ll never hear about in the press, because those doing them aren’t looking for their 15 minutes of fame, they’re looking to help those hurting and in need.

If others boast of you, well and good.  But boasting of yourself when doing acts of charity in the name of Christ smells a bit of self-aggrandizement and is, therefore, charity of an un-christian nature.

The SBC’s ‘Great Commission Resurgence’ And the Average SBC Church

There’s a discussion taking place among SBC bloggers about the SBC’s Great Commission Resurgence plan.  In response to this post, I reply

I would be encouraged too, if the history of the SBC leadership actually ever demonstrated an interest in or concern with the 80 member church. For instance, when was the last time the pastor of an 80 member church was elected SBC President? Or, for that matter, president of any state convention?

And when was the last time Lifeway published VBS materials aimed at small churches with less than $1000 budgets with which to buy them or provided decorating or planning ideas that were actually doable for small churches?

I fear the status quo will be maintained and it will be the larger and ‘mega’ churches whose voices are heard and whose needs are met. The SBC long ago ceased to care about the existence of the small church- except when asking for Cooperative program funds, since, as we all know, it’s the small churches that give a larger percentage to CP than the less than 1% giving mega churches.

I’ve Got A Better Idea

Instead of sending inmates to Mexico, like the Governor of California wants, I think we should send all our Congressmen and Senators to Afghanistan, and members of the Executive Branch to Iraq, and the Judiciary (from city judges up through the members of the Supreme Court) to Yemen.

The Whore, Reason

Autonomous reason, the man who makes himself autonomous in his reason, ‘captain of his soul,’ this proclamation of his glory, and of reason as the final court of appeal, is the real core of sin, the secret heart of the contradiction in the nature of man.  — Emil Brunner

But since the devil’s bride, Reason, that pretty whore, comes in and thinks she’s wise, and what she says, what she thinks, is from the Holy Spirit, who can help us, then? Not judges, not doctors, no king or emperor, because [reason] is the Devil’s greatest whore. — Martin Luther

Both Brunner and Luther didn’t oppose learning or intellect. Their problem was with autonomous reason- the self assured reason of ‘science’ and ‘philosophy’ which assumes that it possesses the key to discovering all truth. For both Luther and Brunner, real truth is revealed truth.


Both the distrust which springs from fear, which leads us to try to help ourselves, and the renunciation of obedience and of dependence on God, which springs from arrogance, are inseparably connected. — Emil Brunner

Promiscuity and Teen Pregnancy

The Washington Post reports

The pregnancy rate among teenage girls in the United States has jumped for the first time in more than a decade, raising alarm that the long campaign to reduce motherhood among adolescents is faltering, according to a report released Tuesday. The pregnancy rate among 15-to-19-year-olds increased 3 percent between 2005 and 2006 — the first jump since 1990, according to an analysis of the most recent data collected by the federal government and the nation’s leading reproductive-health think tank.

What’s the cause of this increase? Can it be laid at the feet of ‘abstinence only’ programs or one of the other whipping boys the politically correct socially inept like to use? Nope.

Teen pregnancy is a result of teen promiscuity and promiscuity is a learned behavior. Peers and societal immorality and most importantly the teens themselves are to blame. And all must own up to their part in the epidemic or corrective action can never be taken and more kids will have kids and more grandparents will continue to be forced into the position of raising them.

Total Depravity: The Kid Who Killed His Parents to Avoid Chores

14 year-old John Caudle has confessed to Colorado police that he killed his mother and step-dad to get out of doing his household chores, reports KUSA in Denver. Caudle’s mother, Joanne Rinebarger, and her husband Tracy Rinebarger, were discovered dead in their home near Monte Vista, Colorado in October. Caudle was arrested the next day 130 Miles north of Monte Vista while driving his parents’ pickup truck. However, district judge Martin Gonzales issued a gag order preventing any press from attending Caudle’s hearing.

Here’s the face of evil

You know the first thing that came to mind when I read this story?  I bet it took him more time and energy to kill them and make his escape than it would have taken for him to do his chore (of taking out the trash!).

Total depravity infects all – and is escaped only by those aided by the grace of God.


‘I believe…’   That’s how the Apostle’s Creed begins.  In English.  In Latin, it begins ‘Credo…’

And the very beginning of the Apostle’s Creed is ‘Credo in Deum, Patrem omnipotentem, Creatorem caeli et terrae.’ ‘I believe in God the Father omnipotent, maker of heaven and earth.’

However one defines ‘maker’ of heaven and earth (whether in terms of the traditional belief that God literally made, and makes, everything that is, or in the sometimes adopted rather looser notion that God ‘makes’ stuff via evolutionary process), Christians have since at least the 3rd century confessed that God is responsible for everything that exists.

And that’s why Christian Churches celebrating ‘evolution’ Sunday have stepped outside of the Church and abandoned Christian belief. ‘Evolution’ Sunday is all about removing God from the process of creation. Any Church that actually can, and does, remove God from the equation is no Church.

Hence, the current effort to get Churches to observe ‘Creation Sunday’ rather than ‘Evolution Sunday’ is a good thing. Unbelievers are within their rights to exclude God. Christians aren’t, or they cease to be Christian in any real or meaningful sense of the word.

Feel free to celebrate whatever you like. Just don’t call yourself a member of the Community of Faith if you can – with a straight face – exclude God from life.