He Isn’t A New Messiah, He’s A Nut

THE Turkish man who attempted to kill Pope John Paul II in 1981 said he wants political asylum in staunchly Catholic Croatia, where he plans to write a new Bible. “If Croatia gives me political asylum, I would be glad to come and live in Croatia,” Mehmet Ali Agca said in a message delivered through his lawyers to the influential Vecernji List daily.

Well, well, well… if this lad doesn’t deserve to be awarded both the Dilettante of the Century Award and the Total Depravity of Humanity Award for Lifetime Achievement I really can’t imagine who does.

“I am preparing to write a new Bible and correct mistakes and I would like to do that in Catholic Croatia since Italy and Spain refused to grant me asylum,” the 52-year-old was quoted as saying.

It sounds almost like something Hector Avalos would say (though Avalos doesn’t want to write a new Bible, he wants to dispose of it- and of course in substance both ‘writing a new one’ and ‘disposing of the one we have’ are both the actions of persons dilettantish and depraved).

Agca recently said in a written statement that he would prove he was the Messiah through Vatican documents.

Yup- that’s mental imbalance.