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People on Welfare are Like Stray Animals

That’s what South Carolina’s Lt. Governor said on Friday and he’s been trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube ever since.  To no avail.

Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer said Saturday he could have chosen his words more carefully when he compared people who take public assistance to stray animals Friday. But Bauer, in an interview with The State Saturday, said a furor over his comments doesn’t change this fact: South Carolina needs to have an honest conversation about the cycle of government dependency among its poorest residents.

Every State needs to have an honest conversation about the cycle of poverty- but it’s hard to get people to listen when you’ve managed to offend loads of them. And it’s even more difficult to do it when the government has recently poured billions of taxpayer dollars into banks and financial institutions which then passed on millions in bonuses (for what, exactly?) to the very bankers who nearly destroyed the economy while simultaneously complaining about the $300 in food stamps some elderly woman is getting.

People on welfare aren’t like stray animals. Overindulged bankers, on the other hand, are pampered by taxpayers through equally pampered elected officials. Pampered pets the lot of them, living off the sweat of others.


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Now That’s A Very Bad Idea

Not only is Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill with its call for the execution of gay people awful and sub-christian and evil, so is showing people gay pornography just to make the point that it’s wicked.

But that’s exactly what a Ugandan Pastor has done.

In support of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Pastor Martin Ssempa of Kampala wanted to make a loud and clear statement that tough penalties are needed against homosexuals in Uganda. So, he decided to show graphic images of people having hardcore gay sex to an invited audience at a press conference that included his two sons, according to The Daily Monitor. Most of the audience walked out, some of them in tears.

I’d have walked out the minute the video started. You don’t have to indulge in such things just for the shock value to make a point.  That’s just the behavior of a crazy person.

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A Pastor To Pray For…

You have to have a lot of sympathy for this fellow, whose house burned down while he was across the street at church.

A Cayce house belonging to a preacher burned down Sunday while he was in his church across the street, a Cayce official said. “When we got there, it was totally engulfed in flames,” said Lt. Jeff Simmons of the Cayce Public Safety Department. “We tried to do what we could but it was too far gone. The house was a pretty much a total loss, and so were the contents.” The pastor, James C. Smith, was at a service at the Calvary Holiness Church of God when the fire broke out, Simmons said.

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No Matter What, Israel is Unbending

Israel is not giving up portions of the West Bank, ever, no matter what.  So much for mideast peace.

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Don’t Forget Haiti

The way it usually works when there’s a tremendous disaster is that it’s in the headlines for a week or two and then forgotten.  Until an anniversary of the event or something.

So I’d like to ask Christians of good will to continue to remember the people of Haiti.  Reports today indicate that 150,000 have been recovered, dead, from the rubble.

The truckers filling Haiti’s mass graves with bodies reported ever higher numbers: More than 150,000 quake victims have been buried by the government, an official said Sunday. That doesn’t count those still under the debris, carried off by relatives or killed in the outlying quake zone.

This tragedy will continue to be felt for years to come. Especially by the family members and friends who will no longer enjoy the presence of their loved ones. They need prayer as much as, or more, than they need a dollar. Because they need God’s help more than they need anything else.

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Boy It’s Raining a Lot!

California has apparently sent us some of its rain…

If our basement pumps weren’t running we’d have as much water downstairs as we do in our yard.

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How Can You Tell The Difference Between a Church and a Cult?

There’s a quite nice little essay on the subject at, of all places, the Texarkana Gazette, which answers the question by comparing Tony Alamo’s cult with actual Christian churches.

The differences are nicely highlighted in this little snippet

“Where we see little oversight of a religious leader, often that leader will end up getting in trouble because there’s that lack of accountability”.

Accountability to persons other than oneself- that’s the key. If you belong to a congregation where the leader considers himself or herself above reproach and beyond question; if said leader leads with an iron fist and enforces his or her will on the group; then you can be fairly sure that leader is the leader of a cult.

And if you think back to all the cults in the news these last many years, you’ll see how true that is.

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He Isn’t A New Messiah, He’s A Nut

THE Turkish man who attempted to kill Pope John Paul II in 1981 said he wants political asylum in staunchly Catholic Croatia, where he plans to write a new Bible. “If Croatia gives me political asylum, I would be glad to come and live in Croatia,” Mehmet Ali Agca said in a message delivered through his lawyers to the influential Vecernji List daily.

Well, well, well… if this lad doesn’t deserve to be awarded both the Dilettante of the Century Award and the Total Depravity of Humanity Award for Lifetime Achievement I really can’t imagine who does.

“I am preparing to write a new Bible and correct mistakes and I would like to do that in Catholic Croatia since Italy and Spain refused to grant me asylum,” the 52-year-old was quoted as saying.

It sounds almost like something Hector Avalos would say (though Avalos doesn’t want to write a new Bible, he wants to dispose of it- and of course in substance both ‘writing a new one’ and ‘disposing of the one we have’ are both the actions of persons dilettantish and depraved).

Agca recently said in a written statement that he would prove he was the Messiah through Vatican documents.

Yup- that’s mental imbalance.

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It’s Time For the Annual Superbowl Prediction

First, though, to the playoffs- which are, unsurprisingly, today.

It will be the Colts over the Jets; and the Vikings over the Saints.

In two weeks, at the Superbowl, the Vikings will defeat the Colts in the upset of the decade.

Finally, no matter what happens to my predictions I can self assuredly claim that without question or fear of contradiction- the team which scores the most points will be the winner.

[Which reminds me, when they interview these coaches and players and they go into all the things they ‘have to do to win’, why don’t they ever state the obvious and say ‘score more points’?]


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