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A Citation Worth Repeating Completely: Machen, on the Church Today

At such a time [as this], what should be done by those who love Christ? I think, my friends, that they should at least face the facts; I do not believe that they should bury their heads like ostriches in … Continue reading

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Yeah, That’s Police Misconduct For Sure

That’s what a Pittsburgh teen looked like after the police ‘searched him for what they suspected was a gun’ but which was only a bottle. The photos taken by Jordan Miles’ mother show his face covered with raw, red bruises, … Continue reading

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Incurvatus in se

I got an email responding to the previous post asking about Luther’s phrase.  I suppose where one asks, many wonder. Luther’s phrase is ‘incurvatus in se‘, ‘curved in on self’.  He uses it a number of times, including in the … Continue reading

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Blanket Statements on Being Gay… The Prop 8 Trial

At the Prop 8 trial today it was asserted that ‘being gay isn’t a choice‘. This, however, is not true. There are a number of reasons why people are gay. Some are ‘gay for pay’. Actors in adult films have … Continue reading

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That This Is Necessary Makes Me Profoundly Sad

It’s a sad fact of the times in which we live… churches need to run background checks… and State Conventions (at least among Baptists) are offering to help. What does this suggest other than that there’s a lot of wicked … Continue reading

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This Exemplifies The Pablum Passing Itself Off as Christianity

Thanks, I think, to Stephen for mentioning it. This sort of ‘preaching’, ‘church’ and ‘preacher’ has nothing to do with real Christian belief. It is a shallow and perverse distortion. And that’s why it’s so popular. And that’s why it’s … Continue reading

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Zwingli: On the Foresight of God

Nothing is hidden from Him, nothing unknown to Him, nothing beyond His reach, nothing disobedient to Him. Hence not even the mosquito has its sharp sting and musical hum without God’s wisdom, knowledge, and foresight. His wisdom, then, knows all … Continue reading

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An Interview With Greg Beale: On Inerrancy

With thanks to Scott for pointing it out, you can read the interview here. I earlier posted my own thoughts on the topic here.

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Haiti Relief: North Carolina Baptists

NC Baptists have been working – as have all Baptists of good will – to aid the people of Haiti, and they’ve put together a little video well worth seeing.  You can view it here.

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Canon and Canonicity

Canon and Canonicity: The Formation and Use of Scripture, is a new volume which is comprised of essays which … discuss such crucial issues as the history of the formation of the Biblical canon, examples of the canonization of books … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court’s Murder of Democracy

Or at the very least they have poisoned it with their decision to allow corporate money to significantly influence the outcome of elections, in their really amazingly stupid decision. Corporations can spend freely to support or oppose candidates for president … Continue reading

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The Gospels as Rewritten Bible

There’s a new project just getting underway at the University of Copenhagen titled ‘The Gospels as Rewritten Bible‘, and which will attempt to alter the field’s understanding of Gospel formation. During the next tree years a group of scholars will … Continue reading

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Talpiot Dethroned

That’s the title of a new essay at Bible and Interpretation. It includes such insightful observations as A new book by Darrell L. Bock and Daniel B. Wallace, Dethroning Jesus, is another example replete with errors similar to those of … Continue reading

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