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Technological Lunacy Has a Name, And It’s Blippy

You’ll know what I mean as soon as you read this CNN interview.  Technology has plumbed the depths and trespassed  into territory where it doesn’t belong for absolutely no purpose whatsoever aside from the perverse interests of depraved souls. Our … Continue reading

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William Dever, The Kingdom of Solomon, And…

His continuing efforts to straddle the fence. Dever, a leading figure in biblical archaeology for nearly half a century, was the guest speaker for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Biblical Archaeology Lecture sponsored by the seminary’s Charles D. Tandy Archaeology Museum … Continue reading

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A Leading Haitian Theologian Discusses Robertson’s Remark and Other Things

CT recently spoke with prominent Haitian theologian Dieumeme Noelliste, currently professor of theological ethics at Denver Seminary and president of the Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association. Here’s the bit on Robertson: I was concerned by the point raised by a leading … Continue reading

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Something For the Intertestamentally Interested

Charlesworth in paperback. That’s pretty great. Click the cover and be magically transported to Eisenbrauns.

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Sad News: The Death of Abraham Malamat

I am sorry to convey the sad message that Professor (emeritus) Abraham Malamat of the Hebrew University has passed away today January 21 at the age of 87. The funeral will take place at Har Hamenuchot cemetery, Jerusalem on Sunday. … Continue reading

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Prop 8 Trial: The ‘Religion Is Hostile to Gays’ Argument Won’t Fly

Lawyers defending California’s gay marriage ban produced campaign fliers and other documents Thursday showing some churches in the state opposed the 2008 ballot measure that established the ban. … Stanford University professor Gary M. Segura spent his second day on … Continue reading

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Is This Really A Newsworthy Story?

Or an early April Fool’s joke on the news-junkie public? Supplies of Belgium’s top brands [of beer] – Stella Artois, Hoegaarden and Leffe – are rapidly running low in bars and supermarkets as unions have set up blockades outside the … Continue reading

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Annoying ‘Lost’ Fans

That is, ‘Lost’ fans are already annoying enough, but according to the Onion, they’re going to be even more annoying now (as if that were even possible!) See the report here.

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The ‘Prosperity (False) Gospel’ Takes A Beating

Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide? @ Yahoo! Video. Via James Spinti

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News From Haiti

From the Tennessee Baptist Convention Disaster Relief leadership: Many people are eager to respond to the heartbreaking disaster in Haiti. There are serious infrastructure and coordination issues that are hampering the disaster relief response. Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief continues to … Continue reading

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That’s Some Strange Church Behavior

Out in Kansas. A hearing on Wednesday shed some light on the activities at New Covenant Faith Center, a church that’s come under a very public investigation by Sheriff Mike Sharp‘s office. The sheriff’s office removed cash, computers and firearms … Continue reading

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It Has Arrived!

It. It’s got some fantastic essays. Now I have something to read this weekend.

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Calvin: On Scripture and the Enthusiasts

Those who abandon scripture and imagine some other way to come to God are not so much deceived by error as they are excited by sheer craziness. From that kind of folk have come forth irrational fools who presumptuously claim … Continue reading

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Cargill’s Expose of Jimmy Barfield

Worth reading, every word of it.   In sum- dilettantes should simply keep their hands off of archaeology.

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A jury in Waco, Texas, found former Baptist minister Matt Baker guilty of murder after more than seven hours of deliberation Jan. 20. So endeth the tale of the mistress using murdering Pastor.

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John Edwards Admits To Being A Liar…

And to being the father of his mistresse’s baby…  Oh don’t look so surprised.  He’s a politician, a lawyer.  What else could we expect but behavior totally depraved? Former presidential candidate John Edwards has admitted fathering his former campaign videographer’s … Continue reading

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Irony and Antiquities

In a display of what might be called ironic chutzpah, burglars broke into an Ashdod museum this week and stole silver coins from the Hellenistic period and other archaeological finds that were part of an exhibit called “Antiquities Thieves in … Continue reading

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