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Frankly, Good For the New York Times

The New York Times says it will charge readers for full access to its Web site starting in 2011, a risky move aimed at increasing online revenue without driving away advertisers that want the biggest possible audience. The potential pitfalls … Continue reading

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More Silly Science-olatry

Worshipers of science might want to consider tearing down their altars once they read this little gem on the dangers of sitting… Scientists are increasingly warning that sitting for prolonged periods — even if you also exercise regularly — could … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Murdering Pastor With a Mistress Edition

The star witness at the trial of a former Baptist pastor charged with murdering his wife in 2006 testified Jan. 19 that the accused planned the crime, hoping to make it look like a suicide, and afterward told his ex-mistress … Continue reading

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Now Here’s A Passage to Ponder…

Psalm 15:4 asserts that the one privileged to dwell in God’s presence is the one for whom, among other things נבזה בּעיניו נמאס [one] in whose eyes a vile person is despised… Calvin remarks that the passage teaches that … … Continue reading

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I Wasn’t Going To Watch Anyway…

But now I’ve got yet another reason to abstain from watching the Grammy’s. This year, Jackson will be a focal point of the show, with an unprecedented posthumous tribute. The Grammys will broadcast a 3-D clip the singer made for … Continue reading

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Zwingli: On Understanding Scripture

Before I say anything or listen to the teaching of man, I will first consult the mind of the Spirit of God (Ps 85): “I will hear what God the Lord will speak’. Then you should reverently ask God for … Continue reading

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ASOR’S 2010 Annual Meeting: Call for Papers

We are happy to announce that the UPDATED Call for Papers for ASOR’s 2010 Annual Meeting is now on ASOR’s web site and includes new Member-Organized Sessions that have just been approved by the Program Committee. This year’s meeting will … Continue reading

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ASOR’S Journals Are Now Online and Access is Included With Membership

ASOR’s journals are now available online as part of the ASOR membership. A summary is found here. BEWARE… What follows is sarcasm…. With your ASOR membership you also get a free subscription to BAR! [You don’t, but it would be … Continue reading

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A Little Mid Week Chuckle

It’s Wednesday and you may need a bit of a smile- so perhaps this will do the trick… What is it about the word ‘carpool’ this little scooter driver doesn’t understand? And if that doesn’t cause a slight grin, will … Continue reading

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Efforts To Repeal New Hampshire’s Three Week Old ‘Gay Marriage’ Law

The Associated Press is reporting Three weeks after the state legalized gay marriage, opponents are asking a House committee to repeal the law and let voters amend the constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. The … Continue reading

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Royal Caribbean: Just Insensitive or Totally Depraved?

By now, most of us have seen and heard about the profound devastation and suffering wrought upon Haiti last week after a massive earthquake. So you’d probably think there’s no way that cruising tourists could have returned to frolicking on … Continue reading

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Remembering Walther Zimmerli

On this day in 1907 Walther Zimmerli was born.  He was Professor of Old Testament at the University of Göttingen, Germany, and one of the most important biblical scholars of the twentieth century. Among his many publications in English are … Continue reading

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Haiti’s Triple Miracle

Amid the uncountable horrors of Haiti, a triple “miracle” was hailed yesterday as a 15-day-old baby, an elderly woman and a young woman were dragged alive from the ruins in separate rescues. The most extraordinary rescue of all was that … Continue reading

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