The President’ ‘Faith’ in Faith

Der Glaube lässt US-Präsident Barack Obama auch in schwierigen Zeiten ruhig bleiben. Das erklärte der 48-jährige Politiker am 17. Januar im Gottesdienst der Baptistengemeinde an der Washingtoner Vermont Avenue.

But faith in what? In faith? In positive thinking? In some vague ‘god concept’?  Faith in introspection?

I ask because the President’s track record on living out his faith in common assembly with other believers (as Christianity has always taught and as the Bible requires) is woefully insubstantial. It’s nonexistent outside of photo ops in fact.

The last President who actually lived his faith was Jimmy Carter. He was regular in his participation in the community of faith and he valued that participation. Not so with his replacements. Reagan attended sporadically as did Clinton. Ford didn’t much and neither did either Bush. And Obama has only scantily.

Mind you, if the President, or anyone else, doesn’t want to attend worship that’s their business. I only wish that such persons would stop asserting the nonsense that they are ‘faithful’ Christians. Faith in Christ is not just some vague feeling of a sense of faith. Even the demons believe. And tremble. Faith, authentic and genuine faith, results in participation, community, mutual encouragement, and action. Any other notion of faith is unbiblical and delusional.