Who Are They Worshiping?

Here’s a fine example of ambiguity in the press which should give all theologically inclined minds pause.

Worshippers [sic!] urged not to ‘sanitize’ King’s legacy

screams the headline. But it’s not quite clear who is being worshiped. Is it King or is it God or someone or something else? And the ambiguity continues

A scholar and activist invoked the fiery side of Martin Luther King Jr.’s rhetoric Monday at the civil rights icon’s church, urging the audience not to “sanitize” King’s legacy or let the president off the hook on issues like poverty.

‘At the civil rights icon’s church’? When did the Church, any church, become the property of any man or woman? King didn’t die for the Church, Christ did.

I realize of course that the report is probably quite innocent in its intention. But the hero worship of athletes and movie stars and even some pastors is an unhealthy aspect of American society that always deserves a sideways glance. It all bespeaks an environment of theological illiteracy.