Total Depravity: The Child Burning Mom Edition

This sort of thing remains utterly incomprehensible to me.  I have a daughter and I’d rather die myself than see her suffer even the slightest pain.

Authorities charged a Powell woman with aggravated child abuse after she allegedly placed her 14-month-old daughter “into a bathtub of scalding hot water,” a spokeswoman said this morning.

Who is she?

Sarah Julian, 21, of Stanley Road… . [Authorities] said the KCSO was alerted at 7:15 p.m. Sunday of the incident. Julian allegedly had put her daughter into a tub Sunday night at her residence and then took the burned toddler to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. … “Because of this incident, DCS is in the process of removing another daughter from the home,” Dooley said.

So sad for those children. And another proof that the doctrine of total depravity, the fact that people unaided by the grace of God can only do evil, is 100% true and accurate.