One of Those Questions…

For persons who believe baptism is necessary for salvation: presuming John the Baptist is one of the happy band of the redeemed, who baptized him?

2 thoughts on “One of Those Questions…

  1. Mitchell Powell

    As someone raised in an environment steeped in baptism-for-salvationism, the answer given would be that before Christ baptism was not a command. So the question of John would cause these folk no pause. But you’re right–the doctrine of baptism as necessary for salvation is problematic.


  2. Joseph Kelly

    Oh Jim, this is an easy one. John the Baptist would have been in the same boat as the thief on the cross. Neither needed baptism because Jesus hadn’t yet died. A good Campbellite, and I presume a good oneness pentecostal, will take you to Heb 9:16.

    But press them as to what John’s baptism was, and how it was different than Jesus’/the apostles’, and you are sure to get a confused answer. I heard one guy once said, John’s was for remission and Jesus’ was for forgiveness. Medicine for the heart my friend!


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