Erasmus’ Greek New Testament

Is available for free download. If you’ve always wanted, but never found, a copy- here ya go.

And if you aren’t familiar with this fantastic resource, check it out. It has numerous very fine copies of some very important editions of the Bible.

UPDATE:  If you click here you can download the volume- but you have to agree to various restrictions.  And if you don’t read German, to achieve the download you’ll need to click ‘Ja’ – that you understand you cannot redistribute or use for any but personal use the document.

7 thoughts on “Erasmus’ Greek New Testament

  1. First and foremost: it’s good to have you back. I missed your critiques and insights. Secondly, the .pdf link for this GNT is not working. I went through the main site and tried it from there only to have the same result. So it seems as though it’s a glitch on their end.


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  3. I would like to mention that a facsimile edition of the 1535 Erasmus GNT is available from the Erasmus Online database. If you put Erasmus in the index and then check for fascimile, the GNT is number 13. I have been working with this one for a while. I found it through the Amsterdam NT blog.

    Together with the Pagnini it puts me back with many of the texts that the reformers used.

    Do you have online access to an early edition Zurcher bible? Thanks.


    • the TVZ published a print copy of the 1531 ZB, but i dont know of one online. if you happen to track one down, i’d appreciate it if you let me know.


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