An Interesting Opportunity to ‘Travel in the Footsteps of Paul’

Not, however, with the typical tour-guide. But with established Pauline experts. Karl Paul Donfried writes

Dear Colleagues,

Although Dr. Kent Richards will be writing to all SBL members in the coming days, I want to give all of you a heads up that the Society of Biblical Literature has accepted the proposal of Dr. Philip Towner of the American Bible Society and me to establish a new initiative entitled “THE GLOBAL PAUL,” a minimum three year project that will include a series of academically oriented journeys with lectures and discussions that will attempt to penetrate more deeply the theology of St Paul through visitation of the sites at which the Apostle was present together with a more profound study of and interaction with the Graeco-Roman world in which he carried out his missionary and pastoral activities. This initiative is also linked with the Mellon funded project on “Paul, Judaism and the Graeco-Roman World.”

THE GLOBAL PAUL emphasis will begin with a most unique and exciting academic study tour of Pauline sites in Syria, Turkey and Cyprus this May. Initial information has now been posted on the Society’s website (www. on the front page under “In the News” and I would encourage you to view it. More detailed itinerary information as well as costs and registration procedure is available from Dr. Scott Elliott (

I would be most grateful if you would share this information with your colleagues.

With all best wishes,
Karl Donfried

Consider yourselves shared with…