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Jesus Code?

ABC News is becoming stranger and stranger by the day. They’re actually ‘reporting’ that a secret ‘Jesus code’ is inscribed on US weapons. Coded references to New Testament Bible passages about Jesus Christ are inscribed on high-powered rifle sights provided … Continue reading

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One of Those Questions…

For persons who believe baptism is necessary for salvation: presuming John the Baptist is one of the happy band of the redeemed, who baptized him?

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Quote of the Day

For some ages past, departed saints have been exalted to partnership with God, to be worshiped, invoked, and lauded in his stead. And yet we do not even think that the majesty of God is obscured by this abomination. … … Continue reading

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Who Are They Worshiping?

Here’s a fine example of ambiguity in the press which should give all theologically inclined minds pause. Worshippers [sic!] urged not to ‘sanitize’ King’s legacy screams the headline. But it’s not quite clear who is being worshiped. Is it King … Continue reading

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The European Association of Biblical Studies

Has a very cool new website.  Check it out.

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Total Depravity: The Child Burning Mom Edition

This sort of thing remains utterly incomprehensible to me.  I have a daughter and I’d rather die myself than see her suffer even the slightest pain. Authorities charged a Powell woman with aggravated child abuse after she allegedly placed her … Continue reading

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A Neat Podcast

Over on Heidelblog Scott has a pretty good interview with Mike Horton concerning the latter’s new book ‘The Gospel Driven Life:  Being Good News People in a Bad News World“.    Many folk would do well to give it a listen.

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Erasmus’ Greek New Testament

Is available for free download. If you’ve always wanted, but never found, a copy- here ya go. And if you aren’t familiar with this fantastic resource, check it out. It has numerous very fine copies of some very important editions … Continue reading

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An Interesting Opportunity to ‘Travel in the Footsteps of Paul’

Not, however, with the typical tour-guide. But with established Pauline experts. Karl Paul Donfried writes Dear Colleagues, Although Dr. Kent Richards will be writing to all SBL members in the coming days, I want to give all of you a … Continue reading

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Rejecting Biblical Authority…

Places people outside the Church.  As Bullinger observed in 1532, ‘those who constantly err, who reject the Bible as a formal principle, are always already outside the Church.  The task of the Pastor is to watch that these inveterate sinners … Continue reading

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Disputation With the Radicals

In the middle of January, 1525, Zwingli and the other Pastors in Zurich were in a pitched battle against the radicals who were then urging their followers to abandon the Reformation and speed ahead with a total severance from society.  … Continue reading

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Preacher, Don’t Lose Your Hebrew and Greek

Most Seminary trained Pastors are required to take the biblical languages (and woe betide those pastors who don’t- for their preaching will always thereafter depend on second hand readings rather than first hand familiarity with the text: they will, in … Continue reading

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