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Satellite Imagery of Port-au-Prince Haiti

Can be viewed here, and here.   The images were captured on the 13th.  A few others are available on the main page here.  It’s astonishing to see from above the destruction so heart breaking below.

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Zwingli and Luther on Homosexuality

This brief paper was written at the beginning of the debate on Proposition 8 in response to a request from a colleague who was curious about the view of the Reformers on the subject. Please do not repost it or … Continue reading

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The Prop 8 Trial: Day Four

You can read the perspective of a Baptist observer here. I found this interesting “There’s no shortage of disagreement concerning the California marriage amendment trial. But one point is beyond dispute: It is costing a fortune. While the gallery of … Continue reading

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Statistics Lovers Everywhere, Read This

It’s a fantastic essay in Christianity Today which debunks many of the statistical myths currently floating around about the state of Christianity in America. It’s really must reading. (Via Heidelblog).

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The 67 Articles- By Huldrych Zwingli

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Todd Bentley: Poster Child for Illegitimate Religious Experience

The Quest for Illegitimate Religious Experience (QIRE) is defined in a recent book as the attempt to “experience God apart from the mediation of word and sacrament”. R. Scott Clark makes use of that descriptor ‘to the tenth power’ to … Continue reading

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The Only Good Thing About ‘The Book of Eli’…

Is that it isn’t obnoxiously long.  Other than that, there’s not much good to be said of it. Denzel Washington is a superb actor and he does as good a job as anyone could with a script that can only … Continue reading

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Melanchthon 2010

2010 is the 450th anniversary of the death of Philip Melanchthon, Luther’s better colleague and one of the more important of the Lutheran Reformers. There’s loads of links here.  I’ve also placed a link box on the nav panel to … Continue reading

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You Can Help Haiti

I’ve placed a link on the sidebar to Baptist World Aid.    You’ll be taken directly to the BWA donation page.  I hope you’ll help as you are able.

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What Do The French Think of Pat Robertson?

It was the French who colonized Haiti, so what do they think about what Pat Robertson said concerning Haiti’s problems being based on a deal they made with the devil to throw off French control? Well, predictably… [the remark] got … Continue reading

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Facebook Ads: They’re Crazy

Take, for example, this one that showed up on the sidebar of Facebook today… What does that even mean?  It’s madness and whoever is behind it needs to go to Seminary and learn a bit of theology.

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Pants on the Ground: The Best New Song of 2010

This is why I love American Idol!

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NPR’s Report on the Uganda Gay Law and American Evangelicals

NPR had a very intriguing report indeed this morning on the strange silence of high profile American Evangelicals (like Rick Warren) on the Ugandan law condemning convicted homosexuals to death. I commend it to your listening attention. Sure, it’s not … Continue reading

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Zwingli v. Eck: The 1526 Smack Down

Huldrcyh Zwingli and Johannes Eck didn’t get along very well.  Eck wrote several attacks on Zwingli and Zwingli responded with equal vigor. On the 15th of January, 1526, it seems that Zwingli had had just about enough.  Responding to a … Continue reading

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The Strange Tale of the Church and its Dog Problem

Members of St Peter’s Church in Raunds High Street are fed up having to clean up dog mess on the paths leading up to the church and are urging dog owners to change their ways. Church warden, Rita Chantrell thinks … Continue reading

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Credit Card Companies and Your Haiti Donations

Thinking about giving to Haiti relief using your credit card?  You might want to reconsider (unless you use Visa or American Express, who have agreed to waive their fees for this crisis). As a massive human tragedy unfolds in Haiti, … Continue reading

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Fear of What Might Be Can Never Smother Need in the Now

I think every Pastor who has ever answered the door has wondered if this might happen to him. A church pastor answered a knock at her door from a man who asked for food. But once inside, he went on … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh: Pat Robertson’s Intellectual Twin?

It seems so in light of the insulting remarks he made in the aftermath of the disaster in Haiti. Speaking on his radio show Wednesday, Limbaugh said the earthquake has played into Obama’s hands, allowing the president to look “compassionate” … Continue reading

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Prop 8 Trial, The Third Day

Like a few across the country I’m following the trial only sporadically.  However, today’s doings are worthy of remark. Southern Baptist Convention and Catholic belief statements on homosexuality and “gay marriage” were read Wednesday during the California Prop 8 trial … Continue reading

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