Mixed Feelings…

On the one hand, the people of Haiti will certainly be in need of new clothing. On the other, I’m not so sure that shirts splattered with the face of Lane Kiffin, the disgraced (and disgraceful) former coach of the University of Tennessee’s football team will bring a smile to their faces.

I suppose they could always turn them inside out- or do a bit of their own artwork to them- and so could thus make them pleasant and presentable. Anyway, it’s better to put them to some use than to burn or trash them.

One thought on “Mixed Feelings…

  1. Mitchell Powell 14 Jan 2010 at 9:29 pm

    I’ve heard also that prior to every Super Bowl, the NFL produces victory t-shirts, caps, etc. for both teams, the loser’s of which are donated to needy families in Africa.


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