Total Depravity: The Expansion of the Flesh Trade

Most people know that prostitution is legal in certain spots in Nevada (home of ‘Sin City’, whose ridiculous motto, ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ is absurd precisely because it ignores the fact that God sees everything).  But now the flesh trade is expanding to include male prostitutes as well.

The Shady Lady Ranch, a small brothel about 150 miles from Las Vegas where about four female prostitutes now work, is accepting applications via its website for male sex workers after receiving the go-ahead from the local board that licenses prostitutes. Nevada is the only US state to allow legal prostitution, but the laws governing it specify cervical screenings for female sex workers. The Davises persuaded the Nevada Board of Health to grant a waiver creating a health-screening process for men, which involves urethral tests. Co-owner Bobbi Davis, 55, has received hundreds of applicants and hopes to hire one or two studs by the end of the month.

Selling sex. Treating oneself or others as nothing more than genitals- that’s depravity.