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Quote of the Day

Outside the pale of God’s church are no wholesome pastures found, all are infected with poison.  — Heinrich Bullinger

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Yes, You’re On Notice…

If you find yourself in the list below, consider yourself on notice- for an unrelenting series of mockeries and tauntings…

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The Truth is the Truth No Matter Who Speaks It…

Which is why this letter to the editor strikes me as so plainly and obviously true that I repost it here. I just cannot let the letters in Sunday’s paper [the Cleveland Plain Dealer] go by, especially the statement by … Continue reading

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Heinrich Bullinger’s Reformationsgeschichte

Heinrich Bullinger’s Reformationsgeschichte is one of the most important tellings (if not the most important) of the early years of the Swiss Reformation. You can, for now anyway, download its three volumes at the links below. It might be wise … Continue reading

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Zwingli: On Pastoral Work

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Zwingli und Calvin

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Calvin: On Proper Confidence

On Psalm 13 Calvin comments We can, therefore, with confidence pray for ourselves, in the manner in which David here does for himself, only when we fight under the standard of God, and are obedient to his orders, so that … Continue reading

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Where Dawkins Goes Wrong…

Is one of several topics discussed by Alvin Plantinga, here.  Others are ‘reasons for God’, ‘faith without proof’, and ‘is God good’.  The post page is in German but the videos are all in English.

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Violence Against Christians: The Case of Malaysia

Amazingly A fourth church in Malaysia was hit by firebombs Saturday, stoking concern among Christians as a dispute rages over the use of the word “Allah” by non-Muslims. The latest incident occurred after three other churches were firebombed Friday, just … Continue reading

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Violence Against Opponents: The Case of Hak-Shing William Tam

Gay activists have perpetrated acts of vandalism against Mr Tam to such an extent that the proponent of Prop 8 out in California has withdrawn from a federal suit on the issue, in fear for the safety of his family … Continue reading

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Popular Indeed

There’s theology aplenty in the lyrics of this fantastic song, for the one who has ears to hear…

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American Politicians Aren’t The Only Depraved Ones

And it’s not just men who do depraved things.  An Irish member of Parliament has broken the stereotype of the predator male politician by acts of infidelity against here husband, with a 19 year old kid (she’s 58, and, irony … Continue reading

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Emil Egli, Remembered

He was a brilliant historian though his name is nearly forgotten in all but the dustiest corners of academia. Born on the 9th of December, 1848, he … was a Swiss church historian. He studied theology, was ordained in 1870, … Continue reading

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