What were the apostles to do then? Was it necessary for them either to pretend not to see for a time, or to abandon and renounce completely the gospel which they saw was the seed of so many quarrels, the cause of so many dangers, an occasion for so many scandals? But in the midst of such afflictions they remembered that Christ is a stone of offense and of scandal, set for the fall and raising up of a number and for a stumbling block which they will oppose (Isa. 8[14-15]; Rom. 9[32-33]; Lk. 2[34]; 1 Pet. 2[8]). Armed with this confidence, they pressed on courageously and passed through all the dangers of tumults and scandals. We have reason to be consoled with the same thought since St. Paul testified that it will always be the case with the gospel that “it will be the fragrance of death for death to those who are perishing, and the fragrance of life for life to those who are being saved” (2 Cor. 2[15-16]). – John Calvin, in his preface to the 1535 Institutes.

In this corner of cyberspace you’ll find my thoughts on modern culture, theology, and church history (with a load of Zwingli and Calvin mixed in).

I hope you find it both entertaining and informative.

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