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Women and the Reformation

A fascinating recent book may catch the eye of readers here: Women and the Reformation gathers historical materials and personal accounts to provide a comprehensive and accessible look at the status and contributions of women as leaders in the 16th … Continue reading

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A Gallery: Religion In Switzerland’s History

There’s a fantastic gallery of images here devoted to displaying religion’s history in Switzerland.  Most relevant for our purposes are these two:

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The Cost of Speed

A Swiss court has slapped a wealthy speeder with a chalet-sized fine — a full $290,000. Judges at the cantonal court in St. Gallen, in eastern Switzerland, based the record-breaking fine on the speeder’s estimated wealth of over $20 million. … Continue reading

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Zwingliana 2009

Inhalt von Band XXXVI, 2009 Hauptbeiträge: Haas, Martin. Profile des frühen Täufertums im Raume Bern, Solothurn, Aargau Reich, Ruedi. Die Zürcher Landeskirche und die Täufer. Oder: «Die Wahrheit wird euch frei machen.» (Joh 8,32) Migsch, Herbert Noch einmal: Huldreich Zwinglis … Continue reading

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A Hymn in Honor of the Sacred Cross

Zwingli’s treatise on Original Sin contains this line from a medieval song in praise of the Cross- ‘He Himself then marked out the wood (of the cross), to undo the damage of the wood (of the tree in Paradise)’. Zwingli … Continue reading

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A Primer in Reformed Theology

Follow along with Princeton Seminary as they offer daily readings in Calvin’s magnum opus at a site titled Ad Fontes.  For those non-latinists among you, that’s ‘to the sources’. Readings began on January 1.  So there’s still time for you … Continue reading

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What were the apostles to do then? Was it necessary for them either to pretend not to see for a time, or to abandon and renounce completely the gospel which they saw was the seed of so many quarrels, the … Continue reading

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Every Man’s Bible: A Review

Tyndale have sent along this volume for review. So thanks to them. In sum- it will appeal to conservatives. I’m not sure it will appeal to anyone else. Here’s why. First, while it is nicely arranged and organized, the print … Continue reading

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