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Mark’s Right: On Blog Posts as ‘Thinking Aloud’

Loads of academics blog these days.  But that hasn’t always been the case.  However, Mark is no newcomer to the game and Mark has been blogging since the beginning.  In fact, if you take a look at Blogging the Bible, … Continue reading

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Mark Goodacre on the Gospel of Thomas, Chatting with Simon

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Eerdmans Interviews Mark Goodacre Concerning the ‘Gospel of Thomas’

Via. It’s an excellent book, really, on an interesting early text that probably doesn’t get the attention it should simply because it has been labelled ‘gnostic’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Give the interview a look and the book a … Continue reading

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Would You Like a Copy of Mark Goodacre’s New Book, ‘Thomas and the Gospels’?

Mark sent me a copy and nearly simultaneously so did the nice people at Eerdmans.  Mark’s is signed so I’m keeping it and the Eerdmans direct isn’t so, because I don’t need two copies, I’m giving the second away. If … Continue reading

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Sad Simcha’s Statement Supporting Forgery

Simcha J. is suggesting that all the learned people calling into question the authenticity of the ‘Jesus Wife’ fragment are nothing more than vultures and ‘c-list’ scholars. First, I didn’t know Simcha had a website and apparently neither does the … Continue reading

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A Little Video Presentation on the ‘Jesus Wife’ Fragment

Via Mark Goodacre (and no, that’s not Mark in the video- he sports no Emergent Facial Hair) :

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If Biblioblogs Had Movie Titles… An Observation

If biblioblogs had movie titles… the titles of the blogs authored by the people below would be- Joel Watts: The Expendables. Mark Goodacre: The Godfather. Near Emmaus: 12 Angry Men. James McGrath: Fight Club. Chris Tilling: Forest Gump. Aren Maier: … Continue reading

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