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Only One More Year

Posted in misery, Modern Culture, pseudo-theology by Jim on July 31, 2012

And then the SBC will be free of Richard Land.  This is something to rejoice about!

Rachel Zoll@rzollAP  RT @albertmohler: Congratulations to Dr. Richard Land, 25-year president of @erlcsbc upon the announcement of his retirement in 2013.

Few single individuals have done more damage to the reputation of the SBC than Richard Land.  And fewer have presented themselves as speaking for so many when they really speak for very few.

I hope that this time around the SBC chooses a real ethicist.

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It’s About Time Richard Land Was Reprimanded. Now He Needs to be Fired

Posted in pseudo-christianity, pseudo-theology by Jim on June 1, 2012

The Raw Story reports

Richard Land, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, was officially reprimanded twice on Friday and had his radio show canceled following a series of racial remarks and about Trayvon Martin’s slaying and evidence that he had plagiarized conservative publications.

“We reprimand Dr. Land for his hurtful, irresponsible, insensitive, and racially charged words on March 31, 2012 regarding the Trayvon Martin tragedy,” Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission said in a statement. “We also convey our own deepest sympathies to the family of Trayvon Martin for the loss they have suffered. We, too, express our sorrow, regret, and apologies to them for Dr. Land’s remarks.”

“We further reprimand Dr. Land for quoting material without giving attribution on the Richard Land Live! (RLL) radio show, thereby unwisely accepting practices that occur in the radio industry, and we acknowledge that instances of plagiarism occurred because of his carelessness and poor judgment,” the statement added.

“[W]e have carefully considered the content and purpose of the Richard Land Live! broadcast. We find that they are not congruent with the mission of the ERLC. We also find that the controversy that erupted as a result of the March 31 broadcast, and related matters, requires the termination of that program.”

He needs to himself be terminated.  He is a blight on the SBC and he has as much business being ‘Ethics’ spokesman as I have in being Mr Universe.

[Via Irene Hahn on FB]

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Richard Land: Ethicist/Plagiarist?

Posted in Total Depravity by Jim on April 17, 2012

Richard Land isn’t much of an ethicist if he’s a plagiarist (which it seems that he is).

Richard Land, the Southern Baptist Convention’s top public policy ethicist, apologized Monday (April 16) for failing to give proper attribution for material he used on his live radio show in which he criticized President Obama and black civil rights leaders for exploiting the Trayvon Martin shooting.  Land, the president of the SBC’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, said, “On occasion I have failed to provide appropriate verbal attributions on my radio broadcast, Richard Land Live!, and for that I sincerely apologize,” in a written statement.  “I regret if anyone feels they were deceived or misled. That was not my intent nor has it ever been.”

Uh huh.  As is so often the case, he’s probably not sorry he did it; he’s probably just sorry he got caught.  He’s an embarrassment.

How long is the SBC going to employ this guy?  How long are good Southern Baptists who contribute to the cooperative fund going to underwrite this person and his misrepresentations of everything under the sun?  The lowliest College Freshman understands the concept of attribution (though whether or not they do it is another matter).  If they do, Land should.

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