‘YaY’… Another Roma Downey Mark Burnett ‘Distortion of History’ Mini-Series…

The Dovekeepers’  the 4-hour CBS Mini Series ‘The Dovekeepers’ is due to start shooting in Malta shortly. ‘The Dovekeepers’ is a CBS mini-series event from executive producer Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, which will be broadcast in 2015.

‘The Dovekeepers’ is based on Alice Hoffman’s acclaimed historical novel about four extraordinary women whose lives intersect in a fight for survival at the siege of Masada. Set in ancient Israel, ‘The Dovekeepers’ is based on true events of Masada in 70 CE. After being forced out of their home in Jerusalem by the Romans, 900 Jews were ensconced in a fortress at Masada, a mountain in the Judean desert.

The Mini-series will recount the unfolding events from the perspective of four extraordinary women who arrive at Masada with unique backstories, but who share a common bond for survival. The Chilean actress Cote de Pablo, Player Diego Boneta and Manhattan actress Rachel Brosnahan have all been casted for leading roles.

Oh… boy…  Let the misprision commence.

Conference Announcement: Digging up Jericho: Past, Present & Future

An international symposium, London, 29-30 June 2015

Jericho is an iconic site with a long and impressive history stretching from the Epipalaeolithic to the present day. Once dubbed the ‘Oldest City in the World’, it has been the focus of intense archaeological activity and media interest in the 150 years since its discovery. From the 1950s, when Kathleen Kenyon’s work at the site drew attention for its rigorous application of archaeological method, to the more recent Italian-Palestinian Expedition and the Kirbat al-Mafjar Archaeological Project, Jericho and its surrounding landscape has always played a key role in our understanding of this fascinating region.

These diverse threads of the heritage, archaeology and history of the Jericho Oasis will be drawn together in a two-day symposium, hosted jointly by the Council for the British Research in the Levant, the Institute of Archaeology UCL, and the Non-Professional Archaeological Photographs-project. Sessions will be held on the general themes of Historical Perspectives, Current Fieldwork, Specialized Studies and Cultural Heritage, with a series of internationally significant speakers exploring the significance and legacy of this influential site.

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Jerome, Of Those Anti-Intellectuals Who Criticize his Translation

jerome7After I had written my former letter, containing a few remarks on some Hebrew words, a report suddenly reached me that certain contemptible creatures were deliberately assailing me with the charge that I had endeavored to correct passages in the gospels, against the authority of the ancients and the opinion of the whole world.

Now, though I might—as far as strict right goes—treat these persons with contempt (it is idle to play the lyre for an ass), yet, lest they should follow their usual habit and reproach me with superciliousness, let them take my answer as follows:

I am not so dull-witted nor so coarsely ignorant (qualities which they take for holiness, calling themselves the disciples of fishermen as if men were made holy by knowing nothing)—I am not, I repeat, so ignorant as to suppose that any of the Lord’s words is either in need of correction or is not divinely inspired; but the Latin manuscripts of the Scriptures are proved to be faulty by the variations which all of them exhibit, and my object has been to restore them to the form of the Greek original, from which my detractors do not deny that they have been translated.

If they dislike water drawn from the clear spring, let them drink of the muddy streamlet, and when they come to read the Scriptures let them lay aside the keen eye which they turn on woods frequented by game-birds and waters abounding in shellfish.*

Amen, Jerome. Amen.
*The Letters of St. Jerome, (Vol. 6, pp. 43–44).

The General Theological Seminary 8 Start a Website

So this will be the go-to place to find out the point of view of the fired (for all intents and purposes) faculty.

Eight of the ten full-time faculty members teaching at General Theological Seminary, New York City, have reported very serious problems with the seminary’s administration through a number of channels.  After being ignored for months, the 8 faculty wrote directly to the seminary’s board of trustees about a hostile work environment created by the Dean and President, the Very Rev. Kurt Dunkle, and then undertook a legal work stoppage.  The Board of Trustees responded that they accepted the faculty’s resignations, when in fact the faculty members did not resign.  The 8 faulty members are Dr. Joshua Davis, The Rev. Mitties McDonald DeChamplain, Dr. Deirdre Good, Dr. David Hurd, the Rev. Andrew Kadel, the Rev. Dr. Amy Bentley Lamborn, and the Rev. Dr. Patrick Malloy.  Please go to the “How We Got Here” tab for information posted September 30, 2014, and ignore the “See the latest” button below, which is not yet operational.

Breaking News: A New Letter of Jerome Discovered!

Well what are the chances that a formerly unknown letter of Jerome would surface today?

Here it is:

facere quae dicit Jacobus

Wow- you heard it here first- do what Jim says! That’s obviously a reference to the previous post!!!!!! It’s almost as though Jerome knew what would happen! Best do what Jerome says and do what I said. For your own good.