Oh Please, Go Ahead, Lord, and Send the Asteroid…

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People are the worst.

A Pennsylvania woman was expected to be charged Wednesday after police said she allegedly dealt heroine from her hospital bed in the intensive care unit.   According to ABC News, the 38-year-old woman, whose name has yet to be released, is suspected of selling around $1,400 of the illegal drug from Exela Westmoreland Hospital.   Police were alerted after hospital staff became suspicious of an unusual amount of visitors coming and going from her room in the ICU. Police added some of the woman’s visitors did not even know her name.

I just… Come Asteroid, Come.

If The Asteroid Lands On Pat Robertson, The Destruction of the Planet Will Be Worth It

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I’ve grown so weary of this deceiver’s lunacy.  Truly, if God sends an asteroid to destroy the planet, and said asteroid were to land smack on Pat Robertson’s head, it would be totally worth it.  Totally.

Megachurch pastors Pat Robertson and John Hagee walk into a bar … and a devastating astronomical event occurs and the world is destroyed.

Not to be outdone by the blood moon theory pushed by Hagee, a world-famous preacher from San Antonio, Robertson has crafted another “end of the age” theory that involves an asteroid, or, as he calls it, “a big ol’ hunk of space rock” destroying the Earth, which he said could happen as soon as next week.

“I don’t see anything else that fulfills the prophetic words of Jesus Christ other than an asteroid strike,” said Robertson on The 700 Club television broadcast Monday. “There isn’t anything else that will cause the seas to roil, the skies to darken…”

Robertson was plugging his book “The End of the Age,” which asserts a meteor will destroy the Earth, on the Christian Broadcasting Network. The 1988 presidential candidate, who has predicted the world would come to an end multiple times, was piggy backing off of news that NASA would release information Tuesday that asteroids have struck the world much more than previously thought.

There heretics- Robertson and Hagee and Osteen and Cindy White and all their feckless lot are downright sickening.  Sickening.  I simply do not understand why God allows them to continue- unless it’s to test me, I mean all the faithful…  Send the asteroid and let it descend on them.  Bloody Pentebabbleists.

It’s Funny The Kinds of Things That Make People Allies…

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Take, for example, the embrace of same sex marriage by one ‘Stone Cold Steve Austin‘.  Doubtless, advocates of gay marriage are just absolutely thrilled no end to have Austin’s support.  But it comes at a high price.  I.e., it comes at the price of turning a blind eye to two facts:

1- Austin has been divorced four times, so he doesn’t really believe marriage is all that meaningful in the first place.  And

2- Austin is a wife beater- a wife abuser.  He beats women.  Beats them.  And he’s a big guy.

Now, again, the people happiest about Austin’s pro gay marriage views are thrilled to have his support one suspects.  After all, he’s all kinds of macho, right?  The straight dude for gay rights, etc.  But can they really call him an ally when he practices both marital infidelity and abuse of women?

It’s funny the kinds of things that make people allies.  And the kinds of things that people are willing to overlook to embrace those allies…

It may be the inconsistency of those who like Austin’s view of gay marriage who would, one has to believe, be appalled at his treatment of women, which tells the tale most clearly.  The tale of acceptance of any behavior as long as one’s views are politically correct.  The severance of belief from practice.  The fact that Austin is for marriage in principle and against it in practice: for equality in principle but certainly not a practitioner of it in his treatment of women.  And the fact that gay marriage advocates are touting his decision whilst turning a blind eye to evil mistreatment of others.

Nothing shouts ‘hey, I’m not real’ like selective blindness.

A People’s History of Christianity (2 Vol. Student Edition)

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9781451470246Fortress have generously sent along the two volume student edition of this new publication:

There have been many books about bishops and kings, clerics and theologians, but what do we know about the Christian life of “ordinary” people across the last 2,000 years of Christian history? Very little … until now!

9781451470253Using newly developed research methods, over 100 scholars uncover the neglected side of church history as they lay bare the religious ideas and consciousness of “the people”—their assumptions, beliefs, values, habits, longings, terrors, anxieties and comforts. This is history “from below” and the revelations and insights are fascinating.

Now, the essential material from the seven-volume A People’s History of Christianity series is available for classroom use!

The Student Editions contain careful selections and abridgements of the original content organized to fit ideally into a course in Christian history. They provides a valuable overview on such topics as birth and death, baptism rites, food, power, heresy, and more. Students are both informed and inspired by seeing the importance of ordinary Christians in shaping Christianity across time.

There’s more on volume 1 here, and on volume 2 here.  My review is here.

That’s a Shame: The Smithsonian Channel is Going to Air its ‘Jesus Wife Fragment’ Show

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Thereby entering the ranks of those academically concerned truth seeking stalwarts like the National Enquirer and Fox News…  Writes M. Goodacre-

Following on from the recent re-emergence of the Jesus’ Wife Fragment, and notwithstanding continued discussions about its authenticitySmithsonian Channel is going ahead with broadcasting its documentary on the topic:  ‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’ debuts May 5


Evidently the folk at Smithsonian don’t know a fragment isn’t a Gospel; this fragment isn’t a gospel at all; it’s not about Jesus; and it doesn’t prove anything at all historically.  Or, in other words, the Channel has jumped the shark.

Instead of getting better at reporting on these things, the media is getting worse, and worse, and worse.  Shame on them.