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Listening to Oprah’s MD is as Foolish as Listening to Oprah’s Pseudo-Theologian

Dr. Oz is to medicine what Rob Bell is to theology: rottenness and misinformation and deception.  Maybe people should smarten up and realize that taking Oprah’s advice or the advice of those she promotes is just a very stupid idea.

… [a] British Medical Journal …  on Wednesday published a study analyzing Oz’s claims along with those made on another medical talk show. What they found wasn’t reassuring. The researchers, led by Christina Korownyk of the University of Alberta, charged medical research either didn’t substantiate — or flat out contradicted — more than half of Oz’s recommendations. “Recommendations made on medical talk shows often lack adequate information on specific benefits or the magnitude of the effects of these benefits,” the article said. “… The public should be skeptical about recommendations made on medical talk shows.”

The public should be skeptical about recommendations made on religious tv programming and bible documentaries too.  It’s a shame SBL hasn’t said that.

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Sony May Not Release the New Star Wars!

They are afraid that the Empire will strike back!

via David Meadows on FB

via David Meadows on FB

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Pole, Dancing

The history of the counter-Reformation in Britain would be incomplete if the making of Cardinal Pole were untold.

polePole was at this time at Padua, where he had studied, and where he was resident by permission of the king. He avoided going to Rome lest he should offend Henry. But he received one day an invitation from Paul III., who summoned him to the Vatican to take part in a consultation about the general council. To comply with this summons would be to pass the Rubicon; it would make Henry VIII. his irreconcilable enemy, and would expose to great danger not only himself but all his family. Pole therefore hesitated.

The advice, however, of the pious Contarini, the command of the pope, and his own enthusiasm for the cause, brought him to a decision. On his arrival at Rome he gave himself up entirely; and when Christmas was drawing near, on December 20, 1536, the pope created him cardinal, together with del Monte, afterwards Julius III.; Caraffa, afterwards Paul IV.; Sadoleto, Borgia, Cajetan, and four others.

These proceedings were very seriously criticised in England. For the vainglory of a red hat, said Tonstall and Stokesley, Pole is, in fact, an instrument of the pope to set forth his malice, to depose the king from his kingdom, and to stir his subjects against him. There, was, however, something more in his case than a cardinal’s hat; there was, we must acknowledge, a faith doubtless fanatical but sincere in the papacy.*

The one thing the papacy has never lacked is a willingness to offer power and wealth to those willing to bow the knee.  Had Luther and Zwingli been men of lesser conviction they too could have worn an Archbishop’s pointy hat.


*History of the reformation in Europe in the time of Calvin (Vol. 8, pp. 179–180).
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The Week That Was

Next week, if history holds true, will be a bit slower.


Still, let’s be fair, a bad week is still better than your best good week, Joel…   Bahahahahaha.

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Jeremiah Conference

The Fifth St Andrews Scripture and Theology Conference: The Book of Jeremiah

From 6-9 July 2015, biblical scholars and theologians from around the world will gather in St Andrews, Scotland, to consider the Book of Jeremiah, using this ancient text to bring exegesis and theology into conversation.

Keynote speakers include Hugh G. M. Williamson (Christ Church, University of Oxford), Bruce Gordon (Yale University), Walter Moberly (Durham), N. T. Wright (St Andrews), Steven Chapman (Duke University) and Yair Zakovitch (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem). More information, including links to online registration, is available on the conference website:

We are pleased to announce that the call for papers and online registration are now open! Please submit paper proposals of no more than 500 words (not including paper titles) on any biblical and/or theological aspect of the Book of Jeremiah to Penelope Barter at Proposals are due by midnight UTC/GMT on Friday 27 February 2015 for consideration in early March. You can also find us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at (@2015Jeremiah).

Penelope Barter
​​​Conference Administrator​
​​The Fifth St Andrews Scripture and Theology Conference: The Book of Jeremiah
PhD Student | School of Divinity
St Mary’s College | University of St Andrews | South Street | Fife KY16 9JU

The deadline for paper proposals is midnight UTC/GMT on Friday 27 February 2015; the conference runs from Monday 6 July through Thursday 9 July 2015.

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Just A Christmas Reminder

Matthew nowhere says there were 3 magi and Luke never specifies the number of shepherds.

If someone tells you otherwise you’ll know right off that they ignore scripture and embrace tradition alone. Or, worse, distort Scripture.

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