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Formerly of Oxford and now at Kings College London.

You should follow him.

Are You A Cleric and Having Problems With Someone Named Tim?

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Hartford Seminary can help you.  They’re offering a ‘Tim’ management seminar!


Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh: The Hubris Of Cal Thomas

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No one is unclear concerning my views on the recent interest in marriage equality for gays and lesbians (or they haven’t been paying attention).  And while I don’t agree with the point of view of the advocates of marriage equality, I admire my friends with differing opinions, respect them, and yes, even love them.

What I do not love, however, and simply cannot endure, is the hubris of people like Cal Thomas when it comes to putting words into Jesus’s mouth.


Cal should stick to punditry, as he’s miserable at both theology and biblical exegesis.  What is the basis for his viewpoint?  Some sort of vague feeling that Jesus thought or didn’t think this or that?  How does he know what Jesus thought on the subject?  Is he a mind reader?  Or merely an eisegete; an intruder into the inner life of Jesus…

The problem with all these ‘I know what Jesus would do or say’ idiocies is that they are based on nothing more than the fallacy of the argument from silence.  ‘Well Jesus didn’t say anything against gay marriage so he must have been for it…’ etc. may provide a good soundbite or talking point but as evidence they are completely irrelevant.

Cal, please, don’t tell us what Jesus would do.  Or wouldn’t do.  Let him speak for himself.  He doesn’t need your help.

Where Scripture speaks, we can speak.  Where Scripture is silent, only a fool or an arrogant buffoon speaks.

Tweet of the Day

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This encapsulates so very nicely the problem with all those ‘Jesus’ movies… their utter inauthenticity.  Aside from the fact that never has a Middle Easterner played a lead role…


New on the Twitter- The Leon Levy DSS

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Here - and certainly worth a follow-


Someone Else to Follow on the Twitter

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Biblical Hebrew.  Here.