Tweet of the Week


True words.  And equally true of Leithart’s terrible book on Constantine which is akin to Metaxas’s incredibly wretched book on Bonhoeffer.  Shoddy thinking and worse execution in both.

The ‘Metweet’ Explained

If you’re wondering, the ‘metweet’ is akin to the ‘retweet’ on the twitter.  But whereas the ‘retweet’ is the mentioning again of a tweet someone finds interesting, the ‘metweet’ is the egomaniacal mentioning again of some complimentary intellectual fondling/ flattery.

Whence does the metweet spring?  Generally not from a desire to share useful information but rather simply to boost one’s ego.  Lincoln Harvey re-tweeted this gem which I take, mutatis mutandis, to be an excellent explanation of the primary causation of the metweet-


Q.E.D.- the metweet is the sickness of pride celebrating itself.