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Theologe Berger kritisiert Vereinnahmung des Juden Jesus

Oh this is a gem! Der katholische Theologieprofessor Klaus Berger (74) hat die Vereinnahmung Jesu durch liberale Christusforscher kritisiert. Alle Jesus-Bilder seit dem 19. Jahrhundert seien vom Zeitgeist manipuliert. Abhängig von der zu bedienenden Klientel sei Jesus “entweder ein Freund … Continue reading

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The Inaugural Lecture

Oxford U’s Theology Faculty FB page announces If you have missed Professor McGrath’s inaugural lecture, it is now available online. Enjoy!

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The Gospel is Shown the Greatest Contempt…

… when people act like it, in itself, is insufficient and something needs to be added to it for it to be accepted, as though it were medicine you can only take with a spoon of sugar. The true foe … Continue reading

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Neukirchener Theologie

For your reading pleasure:  Neukirchener Theologie:…/NTH_VF2015_E.pdf

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Revelation 18, The Destruction of Mercantilism, And the End of History

Revelation 18 is a particularly interesting chapter as it is wholly given to a very vivid description of the fall of Babylon (i.e., the place where God’s people are led in exile) and the utter destruction of both mercantilism and … Continue reading

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The Intellectual Corruption of Modern Society

I thought these paragraphs quite informative- When the chill winds of Rationalism swept over Europe, natural revelation was exalted at the expense of supernatural revelation. Man became intoxicated with a sense of his own ability and goodness, refused to listen … Continue reading

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The Source of Theology: An Observation

Getting your theology from a journalist is like getting medical advice from a witch doctor.  #randomness

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