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If you only hear from someone when they disagree with you, they are a “critic” not a “friend.” – Jonathan Merritt

A Simple Guidebook for the ‘Faithful’

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Dear Christians-

Here’s a simple step by step guidebook on how to let the Pastor of the Church you attend know what you really think of him:

1- Go shopping on Saturday.
2- Hit the Clubs or bars on Friday.
3- Visit the Grandkids on Monday.
4- Make sure to go hunting (or fishing, depending on the time of year) on Thursday.
5- Travel to the local amusement park on Tuesday.
6- Stay in and cook for the entire family on Wednesday.

But most importantly of all:

7- Stay out of Church on Sunday.

By following this simple guidance you can easily let your Pastor know what you think of him (and God what you think of him too).

Tomorrow It Will Be A Completely Different World…

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It would be brilliant if there were as many Christians on Easter Monday as there are on Easter Sunday.

What Was Jesus Doing in Hell?

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1 Peter 3:18-19

ὅτι καὶ Χριστὸς ἅπαξ περὶ ἁμαρτιῶν ἀπέθανεν, δίκαιος ὑπὲρ ἀδίκων, ἵνα ὑμᾶς προσαγάγῃ τῷ θεῷ, θανατωθεὶς μὲν σαρκὶ ζῳοποιηθεὶς δὲ πνεύματι·  ἐν ᾧ καὶ τοῖς ἐν φυλακῇ πνεύμασιν πορευθεὶς ἐκήρυξεν

20th Century Theologians

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Barth always said too much and Brunner never said enough and Bonhoeffer acted too rashly and Tillich never acted, or thought, at all.

If You’re Going to be In Zurich on May 8…

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The Theologischer Verlag announces

1424465_448595008608617_8982675109299830488_nMonika Stockers Stadtmeditationen «Nun muss ich Sie doch ansprechen» sind eben erschienen.  Das Buch beleuchtet nicht nur eine andere Seite der Stadt Zürich, auch die ehemalige Stadträtin selbst gibt eine Seite von sich preis, die man so an ihr noch nicht kennt. Ihre Gespräche mit Ulrich Zwingli, Alfred Escher oder den Stadtheiligen sind meditativ, poetisch und verspielt, bleiben aber nichtsdestotrotz kämpferisch und kritisch.  Am 8. Mai 2014, 19.30 Uhr findet in der Helferei in Zürich eine Vernissage statt. Herzliche Einladung.[showUid]=160575&tx_commerce_pi1[catUid]=