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Ken Ham: World’s Looniest Public Figure

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He’s just… just…


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July 22, 2014 at 10:38

The RHE School of ‘Exegesis’ as Cleverly Illustrated by RHE II

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@TheFakeEvans: The 1st step in being feminist is using this Bible highlighter on verses like Gen 3:16, 1 Cor 11:9,14:34, & Eph 5:24.


Because it’s all about shedding inconveniences…

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July 19, 2014 at 21:27

Look, People, The Bible isn’t A Science Text and Science Can’t Address Ultimate Reality

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As long as people forget that, or never learn it in the first place, these idiotic and pointless arguments will continue.  Scripture doesn’t care about your theory of the ‘how’-ness of it all.  It’s concern is the ‘why’-ness.

Grow up, all of you.

Joel is Joel and Bryan is Rick

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Below are two photos.  One of Joel Watts and one of Bryan Lewis.  I understand your confusion if you think they’re actually Joel Osteen and Rick Warren.  What you don’t realize is that Joel Watts IS Joel Osteen, and Bryan Lewis IS Rick Warren.  They go by their screen names online in order to cozy up to actual scholars because they aren’t.

And now you know the rest of the story…  When next you speak to Joel Watts, you’re actually speaking to the arch-heretic Joel Osteen.  And when you speak to Bryan Lewis, you’re actually conversing with the slightly less heretical Rick Warren.  The truth is exposed.

Bryan Can Teach What it Wants to… Just Like Harvard… and You Don’t Have to Go to Either

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The president of a Christian college in Tennessee continues to defend his school’s recent affirmation of the biblical creation account, testifying in court this week that the Bible’s teachings are paramount.  As previously reported, Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, issued a clarification to its statement of belief earlier this year. The clarification simply articulated the evangelical Christian school’s commitment to the biblical creation account.

“We believe that all humanity is descended from Adam and Eve,” the clarification stated. “They are historical persons created by God in a special formative act, and not from previously existing life forms.”  The school’s affirmation of the Genesis creation account quickly generated an uproar from evolutionists who said the clarification was too closed-minded. Two of the most vocal critics of the clarification were Bryan College professors Dr. Stephen Barnett and Dr. Steve DeGeorge.


Look, maybe it’s time for a little tough love and direct talk- if you don’t like what Bryan teaches, don’t go there, don’t send your kids there, and don’t send them any money.  If you like what Harvard teaches, go there, send your kids there, and send your money to it.   If you don’t, don’t.  Simple, isn’t it?

It is tyrannical and coercive to insist that everyone see everything your way, no matter who you are.  Even Zwingli was wrong on a couple of things (but he was right about a lot of things).

Suing schools or people or institutions or groups simply because they don’t think the way you do (who made you the final arbiter of truth???) is idiotic in the extreme.

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July 12, 2014 at 09:42

‘Peer-Review’? Not So Much Really

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Every now and then a scholarly journal retracts an article because of errors or outright fraud. In academic circles, and sometimes beyond, each retraction is a big deal.  Now comes word of a journal retracting 60 articles at once.

The reason for the mass retraction is mind-blowing: A “peer review and citation ring” was apparently rigging the review process to get articles published.  You’ve heard of prostitution rings, gambling rings and extortion rings. Now there’s a “peer review ring.” The publication is the Journal of Vibration and Control (JVC). It publishes papers with names like “Hydraulic enginge mounts: a survey” and “Reduction of wheel force variations with magnetorheological devices.”

I’m fairly confident that kind of thing goes on all the time (and is part and parcel of the same mentality which also endorses ‘accreditation’ as the only legitimate methodology for ensuring academic reliability).

I wonder, in that light, if there may have been a similar ‘ring’ which endorsed HTR’s publication of the fraudulent fragment of recent days and fame…

And, as an aside, the name of the Journal really does provoke all kinds of juvenile snickering in my 14 year old mind…  Just sayin…

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July 10, 2014 at 15:20

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So How Do You Like That, Evolutionists…

[NB- These stories are always so silly- such a 'grasping for straws' and 'apologetics' at its very worst].

Geophysicists say they have discovered an immense water reservoir deep below the Earth’s surface—a find which Christian scientists say could be an affirmation of a verse in the biblical Great Flood account.

On Thursday, researchers with Northwestern University and the University of New Mexico announced the discovery of a vast underground ocean several miles beneath the Earth’s surface. Though the scientists cannot immediately verify their claims, they remain confident about their conclusions.

Bahahahaha…. come on.  They  can’t verify their claims but they are confident in their conclusions?  Pshhaaawwww.  Why on earth can’t people let science be science and do its thing and let metaphysics / theology do its thing.  When you mix the two, no matter how good your intentions, neither comes off well.

Written by Jim

June 17, 2014 at 10:46

Only In Theology/ Biblical Studies Can Someone Without Any Actual Training Be Deemed an Authority

10445918_734145336647595_8942248391676557461_nBecause, absurdly, it is falsely believed that everyone’s opinion on the Bible or on theological matters is the same as everyone else’s.  That’s just rubbish and frankly it’s stupid and sickening.

Go, ask a biologist how they would feel if a person completely lacking anything beyond a college degree (and that not even in the field of biology) wrote a book on biology, and was actually taken as an authority on the subject afterwards.  Go ask a physician the same question, or a chemist, or a lawyer, or a pediatrician, or any professional and you will get the same disdainful response: such an author is arrogant and has stepped outside the bounds of propriety.  And those who take such a person as an authority are equally foolish.

RHE has the right to write whatever she wants.  But when she does, people with actual training in the field not only have the right to rip into her views, they are duty bound to do so.  In spite of the fact that doing so will earn them the label ‘misogynist’ when in fact they are anything but that.  But her defenders and supporters care nothing for such niceties as the facts.  After all, if they did, they wouldn’t accept her views as even remotely meaningful.

Should you read RHE?  Sure, have at.  Enjoy.  But you need to understand that when you do, you aren’t reading someone who knows the fields of theology or biblical studies.  And if she were honest, she would tell you so right up front, in the Preface, of her various meanderings.*

*Some of you may view this as all a bit harsh but I think it restrained. Persons pretending to be theologians or biblical scholars who aren’t are doing nothing less than committing malpractice. Those who turn to them for advice or guidance in these ultimate matters are opening themselves to serious theological problems. And malpractice can never be winked at- whether it’s perpetrated by someone pretending to be a physician or a someone pretending to be a theologian or biblical scholar.

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June 4, 2014 at 09:41

Watered Down Tragically Inadequate and Poorly Done Thinking: An Observation

Only these days would someone cite two books which used one secondary source and then claim that their view represents the ‘scholarly consensus’  .

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June 3, 2014 at 11:35

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How A Fact Becomes a Fiction

Earlier today I was sent an outrageously inaccurate tweet which misrepresented the historical circumstances of the execution of an Anabaptist and the part Zwingli played in the persecution of that sect.  When asked for a source, the tweeter offered Roger Olson’s book on the history of Christian theology.  So I checked.  Here’s what Olson actually wrote about the purported 1000 people Zwingli oversaw executed:


Zwingli consented to the sentence after spending weeks urging Manz to repent.  Olson does not at all intimate that Zwingli oversaw the hunting down of the Anabaptists over the next years, however.  Yet see what has been done to Olson by the tweeter:

sighOlson doesn’t say thousands of Anabaptists were killed (and the fact is, there were less than a hundred executed throughout Switzerland during the entire sordid period when they were persecuted).  Nor did Zwingli oversee Hubmeier’s torture.  He actually helped him leave the Canton!   And even had he wanted to, he couldn’t have.  The sword belonged to the Council, not the Church. And Hubmeier perished years later, elsewhere.

I’ve requested, several times now, evidence from a primary source but none is forthcoming in support of the claim.  Because there is none.  What there is, on the other hand, is a tale repeated without foundation which in the repetition gains, among those uninformed, accuracy and truthfulness.

Nonetheless, if no primary source can be brought to the fore, the claim will remain false even if an angel from heaven claims it’s true.

History isn’t done by gossip.

Written by Jim

June 3, 2014 at 08:43


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