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Rob Bell Talked About the Cross on His Oprah Show… So What

Rob Bell’s show was reviewed by a sympathetic watcher who concludes I’m sure many Christians will watch The Rob Bell Show and feel cross, or disappointed. I hope they don’t get too hung up on the self-help elements of the … Continue reading

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Prophet for Profit

  No.  No.  No.  You can’t ‘train for prophetic ministry’.  These poor folk don’t understand what ‘prophecy’ is or what ‘prophets’ are.  Instead, they’re simply looking to make a ‘profit’ off of other peoples ignorance.

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Pentebabbleism at Its Weirdest

HT- Bob Cargill on the fb.

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A Book….

Hmmmm…..  I.  Just.  Hmmmmmm…..  I think I’ll get several to send to ‘friends’. Can we really be rid so easily of the likes of Joel Watts, Jeremy Thompson, and evil people who pen silly books in hopes of fortune or make … Continue reading

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Episcopalians Are Nuts

Seriously, nuts.  Barth’s ok but, good heavens, to make him a part of the Lectionary?????  That’s NUTS (and a bit icky). Karl Barth has his own feast day for Episcopalians.  That’s insane.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to … Continue reading

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This Is Why Artists Make Lousy Historians

Whether their medium be painting, or sculpture, or television or theater or any ‘non-textual’ type- they never get Jesus (or any biblical theme) accurately.  Instead, they overlay the historical Jesus with a crust of interpretation that is so thick that … Continue reading

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Do Some ‘Pastors’ Even Understand What Christianity Is?

A Baptist pastor in Tempe, Arizona called for the mass extermination of LGBT people on Sunday in a sermon entitled “AIDS: The Judgement of God.”  In the sermon, which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday from Faithful Word Baptist Church, … Continue reading

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