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Joel Watts Takes Mocking Pseudo-Scholarship to the Next Level

He’s put together a bingo card for you to use when Simcha presents his book at the British Museum (how can I ever go there again without feeling like they’ve betrayed everything they stand for?) tomorrow.  Go to Joel’s for … Continue reading

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Greg Carey Calls it what it is: Another Jesus and Mary Magdalene Hoax

Here.  Writing Just this week another Jesus hoax has appeared in the media. Media producer Simcha Jacobovici has collaborated with a professor named Barrie Wilson on a book called, “The Lost Gospel: Decoding the Ancient Text That Reveals Jesus’ Marriage … Continue reading

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Oh Boy… ‘Historian’ Simcha Divulges the World’s Best Kept Secret!

Just in time for SBL!!!!  What. A. Coincidence! In a startling follow-up to the New York Times bestseller The Jesus Family Tomb, a historical detective story that unravels a newly translated document filled with startling revelations and fascinating detail about … Continue reading

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They’re ‘Excavating’ [Sic!] in Kentucky for the Ark…

A bit of fun poking double entendre in the title of the post concerning the story here… Workers are clearing land in northern Kentucky to build a long-stalled tourist attraction featuring Noah’s Ark. Ken Ham, head of the Christian ministry Answers … Continue reading

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Maybe in 50 Years the Person who Inscribed the ‘James’ Ossuary Will Come Forward as Well…

The mysterious rune stone that disappeared from the shores of Pojac Point, strangely resurfaced and has been concealed under lock and key, now adds another chapter to its odd tale.  Plans to put it on public display in Updike Park … Continue reading

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I Guess That Shows You, Minimalists… (Or, More Misrepresentation of Archaeology)

They sure are making a lot out of a little.  Talk about your exaggeration and misrepresentation of the archaeological facts…  Poor Qeiyafa.

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The Ignorant Cohort of Elkingtons Are Still Trying to Convince the World that The ‘Lead Codices’ Are Important

  They’ve gone full bore PR campaign to do it in an ignorance laced ‘interview’ which is nothing more than a poorly framed parade example of pseudo-scholarship. The ‘International Times’ must have been paid a lot of money for the … Continue reading

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