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Colorado, Don’t Act Surprised…

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You reap what you sow.


America’s Real Enemies: an Observation

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As far as I have been able to discover, no American has been killed by either North Korea nor Iran- our ‘enemies’. On the other hand, countless Americans have been killed by Pakistan and Afghanistan, our ‘allies’.

So who, really, are our foes? If the principle ‘you will know them by their fruits’ is true (and it is), then our enemies are easy to see. And they aren’t the people our government says they are.

Banned From The Bible: An Observation

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Who are the people who need to be banned from the Bible? The ones who say ‘show me where the Bible says that’ and when you do they say ‘oh well I don’t think that’s relevant’. #FatalBeatingTime

Today is World Book Day

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Have a happy one, and read a book.  Read one of my books!  Read all of them (or at least buy them).  It’s what God wants you to do…  (That last bit is probably true).


A New Hashtag I Invite You To Use

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I think from now on every time Hollywood pukes out a bible themed movie I shall respond with the hashtag #GetYourDoctrineFromTheBibleNotFromHollywood.  Feel free, gentle reader, to use it as you wish.  I’m sure you will have reason to use it widely and copiously.  Until, that is, Hollywood sees that bible films are no longer the ‘fad’ and move on to movies about vile people like Joel Watts.  In which case I invite you to use the hashtag #JoelWattsIsTheDevilSoAvoidHim.

Cats Aren’t That Smart

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Via Mette Bundvad.

An Easy Way to Get Your Book Noticed

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How do you get your book on the NYT bestseller list? Write tripe like Driscoll, Osteen and Warren and hire a publicity company to inflate sales. Easy as fraud pie.