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I’m Home

Posted in Modern Culture by Jim on August 29, 2014

I’m exhausted.


Posted in Modern Culture by Jim on August 29, 2014

So home soon. Once again, to the folk at IRG Zurich and the helpful folk at theZB who helped me track down and get scans of two of Zwingli’s early letters- thank you for a fantastic week.

Fun Facts From Church History

Posted in Modern Culture by Jim on August 29, 2014

I was born 29 August, 1960. You’re welcome, world. You’re welcome (though you probably ought give the credit to God).

Bangladeshis Vandalize the Reformation Wall in Geneva

Posted in Modern Culture by Jim on August 29, 2014

Well that’s very rude!!!!!

A Genève, en Suisse, le Mur des Réformateurs a été vandalisé le 25 août dans l’après-midi par un homme de 26 ans originaire du Bangladesh. Il a été surpris en pleine action par des touristes qui se promenaient aux abords de ce monument dédié aux pères de la Réforme protestante : Jean Calvin, Théodore de Bèze, Guillaume Farel et John Knox – fondateur de l’Eglise presbytérienne en Ecosse. « J’accompagnais un tour en Segway pour deux Américains, explique à la Tribune de Genève Winfried Boeing, guide chez Citywheels, quand j’ai repéré un homme armé d’un burin et d’une pierre, en train d’essayer de détacher des pièces du mur. J’ai appelé la police. Dans l’intervalle, un touriste espagnol a tenté de plaquer le gars au sol, mais il a réussi à s’échapper. Finalement, la police est arrivée et l’a interpellé à la place Neuve ».

Le jeune homme a expliqué son geste par ses convictions religieuses « de type antéchrist ». « Les dégâts sont minimes, précise un porte-parole des forces de l’ordre de la ville. Aucune plainte n’a été déposée pour le moment, l’ayant droit sera averti dans les prochains jours et dispose de trois mois pour agir. L’identité du déprédateur a été relevée, mais il n’a pas été mis à disposition du ministère public. Il n’y a pas de doute sur sa santé mentale ; on peut l’estimer pénalement responsable de ses actes ».

Calvin and Farel and Knox never did anything to Bangladesh… The wicked vandals are obviously Methodists. Or Papists. Same thing.

It Takes A Special Sort of Invincible Ignorance to Attend A Mega Church

Posted in Modern Culture by Jim on August 29, 2014

Otherwise how could anyone put up with a single sermon like this?

“We need to rediscover how great and how awesome our God is,” megachurch preacher Ed Young says in the second of an August lecture series posted to YouTube. “So I thought I would call this series [of sermons] ‘Drones.'”

Wait — drones? The remotely piloted aircraft that also moonlight as tools for blowing up people in Pakistan? They’re what is going to make America rediscover God?

Apparently, Young thinks so. His August lecture series centers on a central if bizarre simile: God is like a drone. Just watch the strange trailer for the series, featuring images of drones targeting kids on playgrounds, some spectacularly inappropriate dubstep, and an exhortation to “get your drone on” at church:

The scriptures contain plenty of metaphors for God. Good ones, not stupid inappropriate ones. And none by publicity whores.

Departing Soon

Posted in Modern Culture by Jim on August 29, 2014


Rudolf Bultmann, E.P. Sanders, and Curious Legacies

Posted in Modern Culture by Jim on August 28, 2014


In which James Crossley gives me an early birthday gift by making me sad…

Originally posted on Harnessing Chaos:

Picking up on the evaluation of Bultmann’s legacy on the Jesus Blog and publishing some fragments I could not be bothered writing up and publishing properly…

Here are two truisms of modern historical Jesus and New Testament scholarship. 1. E.P. Sanders contributed significantly to demolishing the explicit anti-Jewish tendencies in New Testament and the over-emphasis on the Law versus Gospel distinction. 2. E.P. Sanders downplayed historicity of the conflicts between Jesus and his opponents as presented in the Gospels.

There is no need to argue with these points, even if we might fill out the details in a book, article or even blog post. However, what can be done is to look at a particularly interesting scholarly genealogy. One of the curious things about Sanders is the unexpected influence on some of his more famous ideas. For instance, on the one occasion where Sanders thinks Jesus may have overridden the…

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A Final Set of Photos- A Visit to the IRG Offices

Posted in Modern Culture by Jim on August 28, 2014

Pierrick was kind enough to show me around the offices- which I appreciated very much.

A Visit to TVZ

Posted in Modern Culture, TVZ by Jim on August 28, 2014

They’re my favorite Zurich publisher – these folk.  They do exceptional work producing exceptional volumes.

The Final Paper

Posted in Modern Culture by Jim on August 28, 2014

This one’s on Calvin and conscience. And it is beginning.


And there were Q&A after of course.




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