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Thanks Logos

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Listening to Oprah’s MD is as Foolish as Listening to Oprah’s Pseudo-Theologian

Dr. Oz is to medicine what Rob Bell is to theology: rottenness and misinformation and deception.  Maybe people should smarten up and realize that taking Oprah’s advice or the advice of those she promotes is just a very stupid idea. … Continue reading

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Just A Christmas Reminder

Matthew nowhere says there were 3 magi and Luke never specifies the number of shepherds. If someone tells you otherwise you’ll know right off that they ignore scripture and embrace tradition alone. Or, worse, distort Scripture.

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Ancient Jew Review

If you haven’t checked out Ancient Jew Review yet, you ought to.  I’m putting it on the blogroll because of my abiding respect for the scholarship of its chief honcho- Annette Yoshiko Reed, under whose name you’ll find it.

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Marco Rubio Opposes Cuban Socialism But He’s Ok With Chinese Socialism: Because He’s a Politician, i.e., a Hypocrite

This, for me, is what is so infuriating about the modern Republican Party: it’s blatant and unashamed forked tongue.  On the one hand it wants ‘freedom’ for Cuba but on the other it’s more than happy to bow down to … Continue reading

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Down South We Say ‘Merry Christmas’ – Without Apology

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Ridley Scott’s Disdain For Religion Shines Through His ‘Exodus’

Director Ridley Scott ’s $140 million “Exodus: Gods and Kings” isn’t exactly drowning in a red sea, but its $24.1 million opening box office last weekend wasn’t spectacular, either—nearly $20 million below that for March’s “Noah,” another expensive biblical epic. … Continue reading

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