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The Joe Zias Christmas Card

Joe is sending this to all those scammers out there who want money for ‘the cause’ but who just keep it for themselves.  

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The Way Most Americans Understand Christmas

And the way Canadian film makers, the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, and every ‘bible’ program produced in the last 200 years do…

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Satan Loves Him Some Angry Atheist

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What Bill Nye REALLY Means…

When he whines that a generation of creationists isn’t learning to THINK is that they aren’t learning to THINK in a way which he approves or agrees with. Isn’t it funny how some of these angry atheists want freedom of … Continue reading

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The Onion Totally Nails The Stupidity of ‘Student Evaluations’

This is The Onion’s best piece to date.  It justifiably mocks the entire ‘scholar who has dedicated his life to learning’ being judged by the beer swilling pot smoking meth using frat moron.  It’s like Mozart being judged on composition … Continue reading

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Satan At the Movies

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Satan Loves Terrible Books… Or Rather, The Terrible People Who Read Them

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