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Marco Rubio Opposes Cuban Socialism But He’s Ok With Chinese Socialism: Because He’s a Politician, i.e., a Hypocrite

This, for me, is what is so infuriating about the modern Republican Party: it’s blatant and unashamed forked tongue.  On the one hand it wants ‘freedom’ for Cuba but on the other it’s more than happy to bow down to … Continue reading

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Sony: An Observation

If Japan had surrendered during World War II as swiftly as Sony surrendered to North Korea the Pacific War would have lasted about 24 hours…  and countless lives could have been spared.

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What Bill Nye REALLY Means…

When he whines that a generation of creationists isn’t learning to THINK is that they aren’t learning to THINK in a way which he approves or agrees with. Isn’t it funny how some of these angry atheists want freedom of … Continue reading

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Sometimes, Don’t You Just Feel Like We’re On a Big Ship?

A big ship, that is, of fools?  People, like those Palestinian terrorists and Israeli Settlers who brutalize just as much and ISIS and the never ending gun lust of America and income inequality and on and on it goes. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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If Only There Were a Journalist That Churches Were Willing to Invite To Explain the Bible to Them…

Are our dear Methodists in the deep south so bereft of theologians that a journalist will suffice?  Can’t they import someone?

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Everything That’s Wrong With America In One Story

I saw this (thanks to Chip Hardy on the twitter) and was gobsmacked. The only thing bigger than high-school football in Texas is the caricature of high-school football in Texas that persists everywhere else. And so, as the dust settles … Continue reading

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Be Sure to Vote Today…

It’s the only way the oligarchy has to make you feel like you matter.

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