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Ebola Hysteria Silliness and Who Profits From It…

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Who is making a profit, or benefiting from the ebola hysteria presently working its way around America?  Those who wish you to be afraid for no reason at all.  That is, the media (so you’ll stay tuned in and they can get higher ratings and sell commercial time for higher profits) and the government (which hopes that you’ll turn to it yet again as the source for the cure to all your problems.  Tyrannies always act as fear-mongers first and then they pretend to ‘save’ you from the trouble.  It’s a con game.  9/11 was the ideal opportunity for the government to make you so afraid that you were willing to hand over your rights for ‘safety’.

So, concerning ebola, let’s just be frank for a moment, shall we?  How can you get ebola?   The easiest way, and the only way, is to put poop or vomit from an ebola sufferer in your mouth or eyes or an open wound.  If you aren’t touching excrement or vomit from an ebola victim and transferring it to your eye or mouth or cut, you aren’t going to get ebola.

To be as blunt as possible- don’t lick anyone’s vomit or poo and you’ll be fine.

Stop letting the media scare you.  You’re only staying tuned in to boost their profits.

Written by Jim

October 17, 2014 at 21:24

The Stupidest ‘Holiday’ on the Calendar is Just Around the Corner…

It should be banned.  It being ‘Halloween’.  Or at least renamed to ‘beggars being trained by beggars to beg for things they don’t need that are only going to go to waste and learning to go through life with their little hands out expecting something for nothing’.


From Fleecing the Flock to Fooling the Foolish: Jim Bakker is Back to Scamming

Remember Jim Bakker?

The televangelist who served five years in a federal prison on fraud and conspiracy charges in the early 1990s is now selling End of the World Biscuits, Time of Trouble Beans and other survival gear for the end of days, The New York Daily News reports.

Bakker hawks his wares on his self-titled The Jim Bakker Show, where instead of purchasing items, viewers can buy “Love Gifts” –as they’re called –by making “donations” at extremely marked-up prices.

Along with the Time of Trouble Beans, which consists of 14 totes full of black bean burger mix for $3,000 and End of the World Biscuits, food items include End of the World Gravy and Kevin’s Krazy Lasagna.  Viewers can get an assortment of other survival gear including a Bakker’s Dozen Extreme Canteen Kit that consists of 13 packs of ponchos, thermal blankets, glow stick and whistles for $500.

Higher Ed And Low Motives

Salon has an excellent, and exceedingly true tale of greed, manipulation, deception, and misrepresentation.  Not from Wall Street but from College Street.

In the midst of a fantastic piece you’ll read

… higher education is the industry that sells tickets to the affluent life. In fact, they are the only ones licensed to do this. Yes, there are many colleges one can choose from—public, private, and for-profit—but collectively they control the one credential that we believe to be of value. Everything about them advertises it. The armorial logos, the Gothic towers, even the names of the great colleges, so redolent of money and privilege and aristocracy: Duke and Princeton and Vanderbilt. If you want to succeed, you must go to them; they are the ones controlling the gate.

What they sell, in other words, is something we believe to be so valuable it is almost impossible to measure. Anyone in her right mind would pay an enormous price for it.

Another fact: This same industry, despite its legal status as a public charity, is today driven by motives indistinguishable from the profit-maximizing entities traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

And this

Grant to an industry control over access to the good things in life; insist that it transform itself into a throat-cutting, market-minded mercenary; get thought leaders to declare it to be the answer to every problem; mute any reservations the nation might have about it—and, lastly, send it your unsuspecting kids, armed with a blank check drawn on their own futures.

Members of administrations might not like these gruesome truths, but that doesn’t make them any less true.  Higher Ed has long ceased to be about Ed, and is simply now about Higher (tuition, prices, promises, lies…)

Examine the whole essay.  And then ask yourself a simple question- why has it come to this?  The answer is painfully simple: greed (by buyers and sellers).

Written by Jim

October 1, 2014 at 16:51

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How Can You Resign and Not Know It?

In an unprecedented move, the Dean and President of New York’s General Theological Seminary (GTS), the Rev. Kurt Dunkle, has either accepted the resignations of eight members of the Episcopal seminary’s faculty or flat-out fired them.

Which is it? Depends on which narrative of events you read. What is very clear however, is that several tenured and untenured faculty members at the Episcopal Church’s flagship seminary have been let go, in part because they wanted to meet with the trustees and board about difficulties with working with Dean and President Dunkle.

Dunkle, a lawyer and litigator who went back to seminary at General himself to become a priest, has had a very rocky tenure since becoming Dean and President. The problems that the faculty have had with the dean include the following excerpt of a letter to the board of trustees (posted at

Oh Episcopalians…  your house is truly and well ruined.  Apparently becoming the ‘inclusive’ Church you thought would win the world to you didn’t work out…

Written by Jim

October 1, 2014 at 10:10

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Nope, No, Never Gonna Happen

We’ve evidently now become so wholly self absorbed that our churches are pandering to the worst among us and offering an opt out of community and communal worship option of pseudo prayer.

These days, we can get fast food, coffee, prescriptions and even our dry cleaning from a drive-thru. But the newest drive-thru hot spot in the Houston area requires no purchase. People are pulling over for prayer.

The first time Sandy Cepeda saw the signs on Broadway Street in Pearland, she kept on driving. But one day, she stopped. “Today, I decided to come because, truly, there’s a lot of people struggling out there, and my struggle is different from other people, but I really need the prayer,” she said. … Lopez and co-pastor Danny Quintanilla created drive-thru prayer for anyone who’s in a rush and feeling life’s stresses, but may not attend a place of worship.

They want the benefits of the community without the commitment of community or to community. They want the privileges of faith without the nastiness of commitment to faith. They want God to cater to their ‘needs’ while they merrily ignore the needs of others. This is selfishness taken to its natural (read, godless) conclusion.

Higher Ed? Yeah, Maybe Not Really. More Like Personal Enrichment For Administrators

New analysis of tax data from publicly available IRS 990 forms shows that eight high-level UChicago administrators have received more than $7.6 million in compensation increases since 2007-2008, even as the school moved toward and suffered a credit downgrade.

Over five years, administrators enjoyed pay increases of between 40 percent and 135 percent, and as a result each received $450,000 to $3.3 million from cumulative increases by the end of 2012-2013, the most recent year for which tax data is available.

UChicago thus ended up paying $2.5 million more annually for the combined services of these eight people — an increase from $3.4 to almost $6 million per year.

These administrators include President Robert Zimmer, former Provost Thomas Rosenbaum (now president of the California Institute of Technology), and executive vice president David Fithian, a former Harvard dean. Previously, all three received scrutiny because they did not help identify administrators responsible for an apparently deceptive UChicago statement about increases to Zimmer, the country’s highest paid private university president.


Paying that higher tuition and those increased fees is making a big difference to the quality of education.  Nah, I’m kidding.  What it’s really doing is making top administrators really very wealthy while instruction takes a back seat.  But hey, no need to feel badly about it.  After all, they’re accredited schools which means you can believe them…  They’ve paid all the proper bribes erm, I mean fees… and are duly and rightly managed and operated.  Because the accrediting agencies have gotten kickbacks, shoot, I mean done their due diligence to ensure that they are…

Written by Jim

September 27, 2014 at 14:18


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