Make a Virtual Visit to #Gaza… Go Ahead… See the Sights…

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Meanwhile, here’s the horror experienced in Israel from Hamas rockets…

The terrible damage makes the destruction of Gaza completely understandable doesn’t it…  [Talk about overkill...]

‘Christian’ Rap and the ‘Rappers’ Who ‘Rap’

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I know- the title makes little sense.  But that’s fitting, since neither does the entire concept of Christian Rap which, like Christian ‘pop’ and ‘rock’, is a sort of music performed by persons who can’t make it in mainstream music, so they change a few words in their songs, profess faith, and become ‘stars’ among the alternative Christian emergent seeker sensitive prosperity gospel lot.

And if they can’t make it there, they return to their former habitat after questing for fame by ‘abandoning their faith’ (because atheism, like homosexuality, sells).

A popular rapper who admitted to being worshiped by fans and who once claimed to have ‘found God’ and professedly ‘hopped to Christianity’ has released a profanity-laced video claiming that he has fallen away from the faith.

“If Hell is truly Your pit of fire and I get thrown in it, I’ma probably regret the fact that I ever wrote this [expletive],” Marcus Jamal Hopson, better known to fans as “Hopsin,” raps in a new song called Ill Mind of Hopsin 7. “I hopped to Christianity so strongly, then I fell out. Now I’m avoiding questions like a scared dog with his tail down.”

In 2012, during an interview with HardKnock TV, Hopsin stated that he had turned to God and wanted to follow a path of holiness.

“I feel like God is just telling me what I need to do and He’s showing me the light,” he explained. “I’ve been working on my relationship with God … [and] it gets to a point where you don’t want to walk down the sinful road anymore.”

Christianity as publicity stunt.  Hell burns hotter for such.

“I have found God and I see things differently,” Hopsin continued. “I feel like God is going, ‘No, don’t lose hope ’cause these humans are driven by the ways of the flesh and they are all brainwashed.’ God is saying, ‘Just stick with Me, Marcus, and everything is going to be good. Just follow My lead and everything is going to be good.’”

Please shut up and never talk about theological themes again Mr Spin.

But he also commented on how he had observed the youth praise and worship him as a performer on stage.

“They praised me,” Hopsin said. “They almost worshiped me, and it threw my mind off because I’ve never been in that type of situation or position in my whole entire life.”

Insert copious amounts of vomit here.

Gee Mr Obama, It’s Nice of You to Feel So Strongly…

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Might it have occurred to you to tell him to stop?

When Will Teens Learn to Stop Sexting?

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And why do they think it’s a good idea anyway?  Are modesty and self respect now as passe as morality and ethical behavior?  And where are parents?

A teenager in Virginia faces four months in jail and a lifetime on a sex offender’s list for texting videos of his erect penis to his girlfriend, his lawyer said Friday.

The 17-year-old from the Washington suburb of Manassas is accused by police of “manufacturing and distributing child pornography” – even if it is selfie porn.

“It’s an outrageous case,” his lawyer Jessica Foster told AFP, adding that he could potentially wind up in jail until he turns 21 and indefinite registration as a sex offender.

The youth – due to appear August 1 in youth court – had “repeatedly” been told to stop sending “pornographic videos” to the 15-year-old girl, said Manassas City Police in a statement.

The “sexting” case took a surreal twist when police obtained a warrant to photograph the boy’s penis to prove that it was the same one that appeared in the text videos.

Dear teens- stop being so stupid.  And parents, if you have to warn your teen to stop sexting because you’ve caught them at it- take their phone away and don’t give it back unless they are using it in your presence.  Be parents.  Parent!

Look, People, The Bible isn’t A Science Text and Science Can’t Address Ultimate Reality

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As long as people forget that, or never learn it in the first place, these idiotic and pointless arguments will continue.  Scripture doesn’t care about your theory of the ‘how’-ness of it all.  It’s concern is the ‘why’-ness.

Grow up, all of you.

I’m Completely Ashamed of the Government of the United States

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The depraved miscreants at AIPAC must be telling the State Department what to say. And think.

US State Department blames Hamas for Israel’s murder of Gaza children

Yes- let’s blame the victims- children playing soccer on a beach. It’s their fault the navy lobbed bombs at them.

The US State Department absolved Israel of responsibility for the murder of four Palestinian children in Gaza on Wednesday, placing the blame squarely on Hamas.  The four children were killed and three others badly wounded by Israeli fire as they played on a beach in Gaza on Wednesday afternoon. Dozens of international journalists stationed at the nearby Al-Deira Hotel watched in horror as after an initial strike, Israeli fire chased after the terrified children as they ran for their lives screaming for help, firing at them a second time.

Forty-six children have been killed and hundreds more injured during Israel’s relentless bombing of the besieged Gaza Strip, now in its tenth day. But this latest slaughter happened in the presence of journalists from major media outlets accross the globe, garnering more attention for the killings than they would have otherwise received.  During Wednesday’s US State Department press briefing, a reporter asked, “How is an Israeli airstrike on what can only be described as a civilian target in full view of international journalists be acceptable to the US government?”

State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki replied that the loss of life in Gaza is “absolutely tragic,” but she blamed Hamas for the deaths, specifically citing Hamas’ rejection of a unilateral ceasefire proposal by Egypt and Israel, which Hamas was never consulted on.  “I would remind you that yesterday there was a ceasefire proposed that was abided to by the Israelis for a couple of hours that Hamas did not abide to,” said Psaki, adding, “they’re putting their own people at risk by continuing to escalate the situation on the ground.”  Reporters continued to raise questions about the rising civilian death toll caused by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, and each time Psaki blamed Palestinian rocket fire on Israel, saying, “Hamas is putting their own people in Gaza at risk by continuing their actions.”

For instance

QUESTION: So the people who have been killed, including these children – it’s – frankly, it doesn’t seem to – it doesn’t faze you?

MS. PSAKI: That’s not at all what I said. I think I’ve stated multiple times that the deaths of civilians, the loss of lives for children and individuals in Gaza is horrific and is a tragedy. And that’s why we’re so focused on bringing an end to the violence, and I think that’s far more important than a speculation about —

QUESTION: Right, but it’s – but it’s horrific and it’s a tragedy, but you’re saying that it’s the fault of Hamas for not stopping the rocket fire.

MS. PSAKI: They certainly are at fault in part here, yes.

Shameful.  Hamas, as far as any report to this point, hasn’t fired any rockets at ships at sea, have they?  So why were warships targeting children?  Shameful.

Palestinians mourn over the body of boys from the Baker family, whom medics said was killed with three other children from the same family by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat

How Were Children on a Beach a Threat to Israeli Security?

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Why did the Israeli navy shell a beach where children were present?

Four children were killed in Gaza City on Wednesday, medics said, in Israeli shelling witnessed by The Telegraph and other foreign journalists.  The four were among a group on the beach when the attack took place, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said, with some of the surviving injured children taking refuge at a nearby hotel where journalists were staying.

Oh, but we’re told, Hamas lies and makes such things up.  Not this time.

Journalists heard two loud explosions outside the Gaza City hotel, before children were pulled into the restaurant area for treatment.  A journalist who saw the incident said some of the children who survived were running away when another shell seemed to be aimed at them.

A journalist saw it, not a member of Hamas.

The overall death toll in the Gaza Strip is now 213.

Dear God.

A young boy lies on the floor of a restaurant in a hotel, where his wounds have been treated, following the attack (Robert Tait)
A young boy lies on the floor of a restaurant in a hotel, where his wounds have been treated, following the attack (Robert Tait)

Hatred – In Its Basest and Most Dehumanized Form

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Israel’s latest assault on the besieged Gaza Strip has been accompanied by yet another sharp increase in incitement against Palestinians and solidarity activists on social mediaoutlets, such as Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook groups have been set up to call for the collective punishment of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Others host incitement against Palestinian students at Israeli universities, including posting pictures of and personal information about individual students.   The radical and violent anti-Palestinian climate in Israel is not divorced from reality.  After more than a week of Israeli government threats to do so, commandos launched the first ground incursion into the northern Gaza Strip early Sunday morning, reported Ma’an News Agency.

At the time of writing, there have been no Israeli deaths as a result of rockets fired by armed Palestinian groups in Gaza, though much of the mainstream media have focused on the impact of rocket fire on Israel rather than the staggering death toll in the Gaza Strip.  As Israel’s latest military offensive enters its sixth day, the Ministry of Health in Gaza reports that 170 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1,000 injured.


Meanwhile, Israelis are taking to social media to call for a yet higher body count in Gaza.  A Facebook page for the group LEAVA — “Preventing Assimilation in the Holy Land” — is dedicated to preventing romantic relationships between Palestinian men and Jewish women and has more than 37,000 followers. The page regularly posts pictures of its “activists” patrolling parts of Jerusalem and other cities.  On 11 June, a picture was posted on LEAVA’s page of a young man standing next to an Israeli flag at a protest and wearing a shirt with the group’s emblem. Written above the photo is the following: “Citizens of Ashdod are also standing with LEAVA. Waiting for Gaza to be turned into a big blaze!” It received more than 2,300 “likes” in just two days.

And worse still

Many Israeli Facebook users have posted violent and disturbing content on their personal accounts. Talya Shilok Edry, who has more than one thousand followers, posted the following “status”: “What an orgasm to see the Israeli Defense Forces bomb buildings in Gaza with children and families at the same time. Boom boom.”

Hatred is a tool of Satan.  And more than enough to disgust any civil person.

I Dislike Being Lied to, Hamas

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A very trustworthy and reliable source who knows about such things has informed me that

Two days ago, after the pictures of the little girl that died there was an additional one of a young seemingly lifeless boy being carried out of a house. Five seconds later the camera got this boys coming down from the back of the man who carried him and continuing on his own feet as if nothing had happened to him.

It is part of the Hamas policy to lie. It reminds me of the old photo of a man protecting his child who was shot by Israeli snipers. However, people present could later tell that the child was shot by his own people who wanted this sacrifice.

We should never forget that the first victim in war is truth.

I dislike being lied to, Hamas. I dislike it enough to disbelieve anything that the liar tells me afterwards. The boy who cried wolf is the worst of all sinners because at first he engenders sympathy and then he manipulates that sympathy to his own advantage without regard for the truth.

But it’s the truth that matters, and not the lie told to engender pity.

Bryan Can Teach What it Wants to… Just Like Harvard… and You Don’t Have to Go to Either

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The president of a Christian college in Tennessee continues to defend his school’s recent affirmation of the biblical creation account, testifying in court this week that the Bible’s teachings are paramount.  As previously reported, Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, issued a clarification to its statement of belief earlier this year. The clarification simply articulated the evangelical Christian school’s commitment to the biblical creation account.

“We believe that all humanity is descended from Adam and Eve,” the clarification stated. “They are historical persons created by God in a special formative act, and not from previously existing life forms.”  The school’s affirmation of the Genesis creation account quickly generated an uproar from evolutionists who said the clarification was too closed-minded. Two of the most vocal critics of the clarification were Bryan College professors Dr. Stephen Barnett and Dr. Steve DeGeorge.


Look, maybe it’s time for a little tough love and direct talk- if you don’t like what Bryan teaches, don’t go there, don’t send your kids there, and don’t send them any money.  If you like what Harvard teaches, go there, send your kids there, and send your money to it.   If you don’t, don’t.  Simple, isn’t it?

It is tyrannical and coercive to insist that everyone see everything your way, no matter who you are.  Even Zwingli was wrong on a couple of things (but he was right about a lot of things).

Suing schools or people or institutions or groups simply because they don’t think the way you do (who made you the final arbiter of truth???) is idiotic in the extreme.