MSNBC Cares as Much About the Truth as Fox News Does…

MSNBC contributor Rula Jebreal’s on-air protest of the network’s slanted coverage of Israel’s ongoing assault on the Gaza Strip has brought media suppression of the Israel-Palestine debate into sharp focus. Punished for her act of dissent with the cancellation of all future appearances and the termination of her contract, Jebreal spoke to me about what prompted her to speak out and why MSNBC was presenting such a distorted view of the crisis.

“I couldn’t stay silent after seeing the amount of airtime given to Israeli politicians versus Palestinians,” Jebreal told me. “They say we are balanced but their idea of balance is 90 percent Israeli guests and 10 percent Palestinians. This kind of media is what leads to the failing policies that we see in Gaza.”

A very worthwhile essay is here for the reading.

The suppression campaign culminated after Jebreal’s on-air protest during a July 21 segmenton Ronan Farrow Daily.

“We are disgustingly biased on this issue. Look at how much airtime Netanyahu and his folks have on air on a daily basis, Andrea Mitchell and others,” Jebreal complained to Farrow. “I never see one Palestinian being interviewed on these same issues.”

When Farrow claimed that the network had featured other voices, Jebreal shot back, “Maybe for thirty seconds, and then you have twenty-five minutes for Bibi Netanyahu.”

Within hours, all of Jebreal’s future bookings were cancelled and the renewal of her contract was off the table. The following day, Jebreal tweeted: “My forthcoming TV appearances have been cancelled. Is there a connection to my expose and the cancellation?”

MSNBC – it’s Fox News Without the Blondes.

Candida Moss Reviews ‘Persecuted’

What does she think of it?  About as much as yours truly thinks of dilettantes…

‘Liberal elites’ may be more contemptuous of the fervently religious these days, but it’s the hysterical rants of bad movies like ‘Persecuted’ that fuel this disdain.


Persecuted is a ludicrously mushy political thriller, but the fact that it can find an audience is downright terrifying.

Read all of her take.

Al Jazeera is not Affiliated with Terrorism, Mr Lieberman

But it’s patently clear that you wish to demonize and thereby muzzle them in hopes, obviously, of ensuring that the truth about what’s going on in Gaza stays controlled.

The government is seeking to bar Al Jazeera from broadcasting from Israel, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Monday.  At a meeting in Jerusalem with his counterpart from Rwanda, Lieberman said the government has already begun reviewing the Qatari television channel’s status with the goal of forbidding it to work in Israel henceforth. He also assailed Qatar, saying it has become a worldwide problem.

“Qatar constitutes the economic spine of the most radical terrorist groups, which are undermining the stability of the world in general and the Middle East in particular,” he said.  “Qatar is a key player in our current conflict with Hamas in Gaza, since among other things, it finances Hamas and gives asylum to Khaled Meshal,” Lieberman added, referring to the head of Hamas’ political wing.

Qatar also funds Al Jazeera, which Lieberman said had become a pillar of Hamas’ propaganda effort. “Al Jazeera has abandoned even the semblance of a credible media outlet, and it broadcasts – both within Gaza and outside it, to the world – anti-Semitic incitement, lies, provocation and encouragement to terrorists,” he said.

A bigger pile of falsehoods one can only find in Washington.

In Spite of all Our Technological Advancements…

It’s still easier to put a BHS on the desk and a LXX next to it and open them to the same passages to compare them than it is to fight with computer software until it yields the same thing.  Saving time often means opening primary sources the old fashioned way and not bothering with high tech at all.

Books are better in print.

Total time- 13 seconds. From shelf to side by side comparison.


The Gospel According to the Other Mary: The Opera

I love opera.  Its themes are always so utterly unrealistic.  That’s what makes them fun.

Director Peter Sellars returns to ENO for what will undoubtedly be one of the most significant events in London’s contemporary music season: the world stage premiere of John Adams’s latest dramatic work, The Gospel According to the Other Mary. ENO enjoys a unique association with Adams, having staged all three of his major operas, most recently The Death of Klinghoffer in 2012.

Using a text fashioned by Sellars from Biblical sources as well as several 20th-century writers (including Primo Levi), leading US composer Adams has created what Sellars describes as an attempt to ‘set the Passion story in the eternal present, in the tradition of sacred art’. The Gospel According to the Other Mary is an interpretation of the Resurrection from the perspective of two women close to Jesus (Mary Magdalene and Martha), in which the narrative switches between the Biblical past and the worldly present, drawing parallels between Christ’s Passion and contemporary events such as the Arab Spring.

Because the many ‘fragments’ of Gospels by Mary or about her are just as imaginative as Opera!

A Rejoinder to RHE- But Why Did CNN Post the Notions of a Journalist Rather than the Reasoned Considerations of a Biblical Scholar?

In this very thorough and thoughtful response to a hole-filled piece by RHE, the author begins

Recently, Rachel Held Evans’ article “My Take: The danger of calling behavior ‘biblical’” was published on the CNN Belief blog. I’m going to reply. My goal is not to take hammer to fingers, but to point out inconsistencies in her positions. My assumption is that, “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work” (2 Tim. 3:16-17 ESV). Therefore, the Bible does have something to say, directly or indirectly, on most life issues. There should be no problem with calling a position biblical and be willing to have our positions challenged by the Bible.

And then he dismantles the entire CNN fluff piece. The only problem with the essay is that it doesn’t address the main question- why did CNN publish it in the first place? If they were interested in the use of ‘biblical’ why not ask any number of biblical scholars?

CNN has done what the media usually does- sacrifice accuracy for publicity.

I Dislike Being Lied to, Hamas

A very trustworthy and reliable source who knows about such things has informed me that

Two days ago, after the pictures of the little girl that died there was an additional one of a young seemingly lifeless boy being carried out of a house. Five seconds later the camera got this boys coming down from the back of the man who carried him and continuing on his own feet as if nothing had happened to him.

It is part of the Hamas policy to lie. It reminds me of the old photo of a man protecting his child who was shot by Israeli snipers. However, people present could later tell that the child was shot by his own people who wanted this sacrifice.

We should never forget that the first victim in war is truth.

I dislike being lied to, Hamas. I dislike it enough to disbelieve anything that the liar tells me afterwards. The boy who cried wolf is the worst of all sinners because at first he engenders sympathy and then he manipulates that sympathy to his own advantage without regard for the truth.

But it’s the truth that matters, and not the lie told to engender pity.

That Belgian Football Fan Who Landed a Modelling Job? Yeah, She Got Fired Before She Started…

From the Telegraph-

A football fan is plucked from the World Cup audience, handed a modelling contract and gets 2m views on YouTube – but it is all taken away after photos emerge of her hunting big game in Africa. When will people learn that social media can bite back?

Belgium World Cup fan Axelle Despiegelaere and a photo taken from her Facebook page of her hunting Photo: Getty Images/Facebook
Belgium World Cup fan Axelle Despiegelaere and a photo taken from her Facebook page of her hunting Photo: Getty Images/Facebook

The moral? Be careful little teens what you post…

When 17-year-old Axelle Despiegelaere went to support her native Belgium at the World Cup she wasn’t expecting it to lead to a job offer. But a long-distance photo of her went viral on Twitter, where she was labelled the “most beautiful” fan in Brazil, and L’Oreal came knocking with a modelling contract.

The competition is not even over and the company has already shot a video where Axelle is doused in its products, uploaded it to YouTube and received over two million hits. Such is the speed at which marketing now works.
But the flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long: Axelle’s fledgling modeling career is already finished, after images of her posing next to dead animals on the African savanna with a rifle and a smile as big as she wore at the football.

She defended her actions, sort of, by posting: “Hunting is not a matter of life or death. It’s much more important than that.” But Twitter and Facebook have been alight with criticism from animal rights campaigners.

Well, she’s not very bright, I’ll give her that…

Anyway, young folk, keep posting those wretched photos of you doing reprehensible or disgusting or stupid things and you’ll really pay for it.