That’s a Shame: The Smithsonian Channel is Going to Air its ‘Jesus Wife Fragment’ Show

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Thereby entering the ranks of those academically concerned truth seeking stalwarts like the National Enquirer and Fox News…  Writes M. Goodacre-

Following on from the recent re-emergence of the Jesus’ Wife Fragment, and notwithstanding continued discussions about its authenticitySmithsonian Channel is going ahead with broadcasting its documentary on the topic:  ‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’ debuts May 5


Evidently the folk at Smithsonian don’t know a fragment isn’t a Gospel; this fragment isn’t a gospel at all; it’s not about Jesus; and it doesn’t prove anything at all historically.  Or, in other words, the Channel has jumped the shark.

Instead of getting better at reporting on these things, the media is getting worse, and worse, and worse.  Shame on them.

Jews For Jesus and their “Jesus at Auschwitz” Video

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This is stirring up quite a bit of controversy in the Jewish community. To say the least. I’d be very interested in hearing what our Jewish friends think about it.

Heaven Is for Real: An Observation

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Just a cautionary word about this popular film: it is NOT doctrine nor should it be viewed as such.  It is NOT ‘bible teaching’ nor should it be viewed as such.  It is NOT accurate at several points nor should it be viewed as such.  It is simply, merely, and only ENTERTAINMENT.

Getting your Doctrine from Hollywood films is like getting your doctrine from – well – Hollywood films.  If you really want to know what heaven is like, study Scripture.  It at least has the benefit of being theologically correct.

Proof That NatGeo Has Jumped the Shark: It’s Airing a Special on the Most Idiotic ‘Jesus’ Book Ever Written

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NatGeo- I CAN quit you.  That you would make a tv special out of the most idiotic book ever written about the Historical Jesus demonstrates that 1) you don’t know ANYTHING about the subject and neither do whoever recommends such things to you; and 2) you are piloted by persons willing to pander to the stupidest fringe theories just because they are on the fringe!

National Geographic used to stand for scholarship.  Now it stands for crap.  Farewell, NatGeo.  Forever.  No matter who shows up on you in the future, I won’t be watching.  And I certainly won’t be watching this Dreck.

Being ‘Nice’ Isn’t the Goal of Christianity

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There’s a brilliant essay in The Telegraph which makes that important point in a striking way, in a discussion of the TV show “Rev”.

Here’s a thought for the day: Most people are “nice”, but Christians should be nice with a purpose.

I am not a fan of the sitcom Rev, which depicts a vicar trying to be kind to his parishioners – with hilarious consequences. His congregation is small, full of delinquents, and the eponymous clergymen is often driven to drink by their unholy antics. Justin Welby disagrees with the show’s depiction of Anglican life because he notes that many churches are growing. The Rev’s, by contrast, conforms to a self-lacerating vision of Christianity as nice but niche.

But self-laceration is the stock-in-trade of the 1960s liberal Christian tradition, and Rev is its fifth gospel. The priest character is full of doubt, constantly questioning his vocation, reluctant to preach about sin and contemptuous of those who do (evangelicals are portrayed, inevitably, as gurning bigots). It’s never entirely clear why he wants to be a priest at all. Except, perhaps, to be nice to those who undoubtedly need it. Rev imagines Christians to be social workers in dog collars: faith is far less important than acts of kindness. Which is all very nice, but hardly conducive to filling the pews. If the church only ever gives, then people will only ever take from it. What’s the point of committing oneself to a faith that asks nothing in return – including firm belief?

Read it ALL.  It’s a shame more theologians don’t have as much sense and comprehension as a historian.

Candida Moss on the Travel Channel

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Don Wildman is on location in Israel to investigate a mountaintop fortress, examine the room of the last supper, and walk through the famed Garden of Gethsemane to shed new light on Christ’s betrayer, Judas.  Sunday, April 20, 2014.

Check your provider for time (I guess).  I am thinking that the room of the Last Supper isn’t the actual room because that no longer exists and the room they will actually show will be the Crusader Period upper room.  And, I don’t know how walking through Gethsemane will shed any light on Judas, but what the heck, let’s give it a watching.  I’m sure Candida will do a good job.  She has so far.

I’ll live blog it.  I know you lot love it when I do that…

Patrick Stewart’s New Film on the Destruction of Palestine’s Heritage

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The port city of Akka (also known as Acre) is one of the places where the conflict over ownership of Palestinian history and culture is most stark.

The recent campaign to prevent the historicKhan al-Umdan being turned into a luxury hotel by Israeli developers highlighted the struggle by an economically and politically marginalized Palestinian community to resist gentrificationand an insidious ethnic cleansing.

Director Patrick Stewart does an admirable job in It’s Better to Jump of conveying both the staggeringly long history of this beautiful port and the challenges which beset its people on a daily basis.

The film opens with swooping maps which emphasize Akka’s place — over thousands of years — on trade routes stretching both east and west. The focus narrows to local people — famous figures such as actor Makram Khoury but also ordinary folks such as tour guides, schoolteachers and students talking about their attachment to their home.

There’s a trailer of the film too at the website containing the full report.  Which do read.

Public Shaming: Let’s Have More Of It

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I applaud the judge in Ohio for making this guy, who mocked disabled children, feel a little of the misery he caused.

25235529_BG1An Ohio man ordered to spend five hours at a street corner with a sign declaring he’s a bully says his sentence was unfair and the judge who gave it to him ruined his life.  62-year-old Edmond Aviv for the most part ignored honking horns and people who stopped by to talk with him Sunday in South Euclid.  But he wasn’t happy with the punishment, saying, “The judge destroyed me” and “This isn’t fair at all.”

But he still hasn’t learned his lesson.  As long as he can only think about himself, he needs to spend more time on the corner with his sign.

“It IS Going to Happen!”

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From the facebook-


Watch the trailer here-  and on May 2- download the full length film-

The director and producer of this film has shown how such things should be made. The History Channel and the Discovery Channel and the Canadian film maker should take notes.

Remember the Horrible Woman Who Defaced the Painting of Jesus in an Attempt to ‘Restore’ It?

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She took art lessons from George Bush


Why haven’t we been talking about this?  For the same reason that you don’t talk about that odd nephew of yours who thinks he can play the drums but who can really only create horror and despair by his cacophony of misery.  That’s why.