Breaking News- James Crossley, Fundamentalist (Albeit Reluctantly)

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My spies have discovered that Crossley is actually a secret fundamentalist and not at all the radical liberal some believe him to be…


What’s The Archbishop of Canterbury Doing in a Gentleman’s Club???

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A gentleman’s club?!?!?!!?   SINNER!

[NB- I'm perfectly aware of the fact that in Britain a Gentlemen's Club is something completely different than it is here in the States.  But there's no fun in that...]

I Have A Confession to Make…

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This made me literally LOL-


The German Pope v. the Argentinian Pope

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Candida Moss starts her latest essay for Politico thusly:

It almost seems a divine referendum on the two living popes: the FIFA World Cup final comes down to a battle of skill between Argentina, home of Pope Francis, and Germany, birthplace of Pope Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI.

The world’s press was quick to pick up on the unusual confluence of two living popes—itself a rarity—represented by their national football teams. Memes, cartoons and jokes followed. (My favorite: photo-shopped images of Benedict and Francis in national-team colored skullcaps.) Even though the bookish Benedict has demonstrated no interest in soccer and the Vatican has declared that the match falls after Pope Francis’s bedtime, Argentine fans are adding Pope Francis to their roster.

In some ways the comparison is only natural: Soccer is a slow and largely uneventful back and forth that drags on interminably and often yields no definitive results. Papal politics are even less productive, with change coming on a glacial scale, if at all.

 But this is the World Cup final—there’s got to be a winner at the end.

Francis, ever the diplomat, has vowed to keep his prayers neutral. But if he didn’t, and the World Cup final were a judgment on the relative success of the two popes, how do Francis and Benedict fare in the eyes of the umpire upstairs?

And more.  Enjoy.

In Case you Missed the Action at the WC this Year…

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Here it is in one photo… via -


Luther Did Like His Hammer

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A Newly Discovered Letter of John Calvin…

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Jean_CalvinSort of…

Dear Friends,

Many years after my untimely and yet perfectly predestined death a young man will arise from the ash-heap of the too long forgotten Zwingli and will revive that great man’s life, learning, and spirit.

He will, I prophesy, publish, as did I, a commentary on the biblical books.  I urge you to obtain it.  With my prophetic gifts I am assured by our Divine Lord that you can discover the details at this ‘web address’ (although I frankly admit that I have no idea what that may mean).

This is my beloved friend.  Hear him.  You will be blessed immensely. The Lord assures me of that and so in accordance with his will I assure you of it as well.

Most sincerely,

Jean Cauvin

Wow.  All I can say is WOW.  What an endorsement!!!!!  Imagine my surprise when I 1) received the letter from a trusted source; and 2) clicked the link!!!!  WOW.

Well, it’s Calvin’s birthday.  So why would he lie?

Vacation? Why Bother?

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