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Dear Lunatics and Nutbags and Weirdos… I’m NOT Interested in What You Have to Say…

So you can STOP sending your unhinged book notices. Thanks. Global Education à la HEGEL, SCHELLING, FICHTE, AND KANT is the Solution to Our World’s Problems “In this book, Dr. Foldes takes his previous work to a higher level and … Continue reading

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I’d Like to Nail 95 Theses into Joel Watts’ Forehead…

Mind you, not a fatal nail- just a roofing nail or a railroad spike, for the effrontery perpetrated against the sainted memory of the greatest of the Reformers, Zwingli, by lumping him in with new age pseudo-Christians and pentebabbleists.  For … Continue reading

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The Way Some Churches Act Around Halloween…

You’d think this was how they see Jesus.

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No Wonder it Took Mark Driscoll so Long to Resign, and Why He’ll Be Back…

It’s got to be hard to give up a pay package of over $800,000 a year…  The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.  In Driscoll’s case, the evil of self-aggrandizement and superiority. With that kind … Continue reading

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When You Swim in the Constantinian Sewer…

Heterodoxy becomes your mantra.  As has happened to this poor lad (whose name I’ve marked through with a red line so as to spare him any embarrassment).  Who but a neo-gnostic (or Harvard prof who was given a secret ancient … Continue reading

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Martin Luther on (Mutatis Mutandis) Mark Driscoll

You have heard what a great treasure an elder is who is a sincere teacher of the church. If the Lord should give such a one, He would give a great treasure, nothing with crowns and pomp of empire. You … Continue reading

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John Hagee: Zionist Nut

Hagee believes Israel is the center of the universe. On yesterday’s broadcast of the “Hagee Hotline,” televangelist and Christians United For Israel founder John Hagee issued a stark warning to America that the Ebola crisis is God’s judgment on America … Continue reading

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