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Why Has Jim Linville Been So Quiet Lately?

Posted in Friends, Humor by Jim on April 18, 2014

He’s been busy. Bulking up!


Joel Watts… He’s More than Just Jeremy Thompson’s Friend…

Posted in Friends, Humor by Jim on April 14, 2014

Joel has driven to Louisiana to visit Jeremy.  Not exactly odd or unusual.  But… well… behold…


Caption Cargill

Posted in Friends, Humor by Jim on April 2, 2014

Here’s the blank photo for you to use:


Here’s my entry:


[Thanks to Pat MacCulloch for coming up with the meme idea].

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Is Joel Watts a Real Person? Or Is He A Nigerian Scammer?

Posted in Friends, Heresy and Heretics, Total Depravity, War On Atheism by Jim on March 23, 2014

Sir / Madam,

I think it should be a formal , if I introduce myself. I am Emmanuel Willem ‘s, I ‘m from Canada. July 11th I will be 45yrs young. I esmubūvinženieris ( Geo technical and structural ) , we specialize in building drainage ‘s, road and bridge design. My work takes me to different parts of the world . I am currently in Africa working with my company for a project in Ghana.

I had to take up a personal project outside my companies project to help some orphans on their own. I saw an unregistered orphanage home in one of the villages where we are constructing roads.I time was in tears when I saw the children. Children , where about 47 children of all numbers , aging between 2yrs – 14yrs . The building was dilapidated and they sleep on bare grounds.

When it rains at night they become extinct , because the roofs are torn . They can not read , malnutrition – ED , looking haggard and not well clothe.I took it as a mission to help them build it and put a smile on the faces of the innocent children , because we are all Gods creation . I did a bill quotations to help them build a nice dorm , playground , library, and a small health center , so they can get vaccinated against snakes and malaria very special.

The irony of it all irvaldība do not care about it. They have 46 kids left , one died from a strange disease a few months ago . These are four of them in the hospital now . Two suffering from malaria , the other from pneumonia , betpēdējais require extensive surgery , she suffers from chronic renal failure ( CRF ) and undergoes dialysis twice a week.

My life is very tiring right now, I wish I had another life . I had a bad weekend, and I ‘m having a messed up week. I have been insulted and impolitely thrown away with a bad name , because I asked for some help callous individuals . I ‘m trying to help save the life of Mary , the little orphan girl who needed a major operation . I ‘m confused I do not know what to do? I do not know whether to let her go ? Something kept asking me if she was my daughter or family for me to go away .

PLEASE I We need your help .

God bless .

Willem ‘s Eng.Emmanuel

Joel, stop writing me these letters.  Just say no.

Dinner With Carl

Posted in Friends by Jim on March 7, 2014

Sessions commence at 6 so Carl and I went to dinner at a really nice restaurant with fantastic food.  And then he gave me this t-shirt.  For some reason he thought it suited me…  Kids these days…

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Where In the World is Joel Watts Now?

Posted in Friends by Jim on February 23, 2014

He’s at Daytona…


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Where in the World Is Chris Tilling Now?

Posted in Friends by Jim on February 23, 2014

Shopping.  If you see him, beware…


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Joel Watts Has Been Very, Very Mean to Me… But You Know What…

Posted in Friends, Humor by Jim on February 18, 2014

I’m not going to let it bother me.  And do you know why?  Because Israel Finkelstein isn’t following him (or any of you but me) on  And that, I must say, is more than enough to counteract Joel’s awful mean-ness.  So, HA!

Because, honestly, there's just no one more interesting

Because, honestly, there’s just no one more interesting

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Bryan Bibb is, in Fact, Not Dead!

Posted in Friends, Humor by Jim on February 17, 2014

How do I know this?  He posted today!  He hadn’t in a while so it was natural for me to assume that he was, in fact, quite dead.  I’m glad it has turned out otherwise.

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Chris Tilling’s Forthcoming Book

Posted in Books, Friends by Jim on February 17, 2014

If anyone on the planet can help us understand Doug Campbell’s verbose eisegetical maneuverings, it’s my friend, England touchstone and tour guide, and long time SBL roomie Chris Tilling.  I’m proud of the kid.


It even has a slew of good endorsements (although I’ve never heard of any of those people- nonetheless, they seem to like it very much and there’s no reason they shouldn’t because Chris is the brightest Pauline scholar presently working- bar none).


Well done, friend.  Well done.  (Even though you didn’t mention my forthcoming volume, that’s ok.  I’m not at all chagrined nor miffed nor annoyed).


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