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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

Police in Andalucia have opened an investigation after a five-month-old donkey died two days after being sat on by a large man. Yes, that’s right, Chris Tilling crushed a donkey!!!! Animal lovers in Spain have reacted with fury after a … Continue reading

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Where In The World is Chris Tilling Now?

On a plane from London to Dubai… it seems… At  least he shaved his back this time… the wretch.  

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Precious Memories: My Time With George Beasley-Murray

In the early 1990’s when George was visiting SEBTS with his wife Ruth we struck up a fast friendship and they invited me to visit them at their home in Hove, East Sussex.  It was my first visit to England … Continue reading

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Heresy!!!! Christian Theology Claimed to Have been Invented at Duke!

And the claimant is none less than NT Wright!!!!!  Ghastly! Richard Goode writes on Facebook- Shock Breaking News – Christian theology discovered to have been invented at Duke University!! The world of biblical studies has been left reeling from the … Continue reading

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Makeup Can Change Your Life

We’ve all, I think, seen those pictures of celebrities without their makeup on and we’ve gasped at the vast differences we’ve observed. What you may not have seen, though, are bloggers WITHOUT their makeup on.  So, in the gallery that … Continue reading

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Whenever It Seems that the World Is Completely Insane…

Balance returns when I visit Israel’s page to see who he is following…  Ah… the world makes sense again.

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I’d Like to Nail 95 Theses into Joel Watts’ Forehead…

Mind you, not a fatal nail- just a roofing nail or a railroad spike, for the effrontery perpetrated against the sainted memory of the greatest of the Reformers, Zwingli, by lumping him in with new age pseudo-Christians and pentebabbleists.  For … Continue reading

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