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John Hagee: This Week’s Dilly Winner

The heavens are putting on a celestial show next week — and one Christian pastor is convinced it’s a sign from God.  Bestselling author and televangelist Pastor John Hagee claims the four blood moons that will soon appear in the skies over America are evidence of a future “world-shaking event.”  The blood moons are part of a tetrad, a set of complete and consecutive lunar eclipses that will begin on April 15 and continue in roughly six-month intervals until October 2015.

To normal people these celestial events are interesting, even pretty.  But to the Dilly winning Hagee they are grist for his insanity mill.  When nothing happens in the wake of these events, will Hagee be honest and subject himself to the punishment the Hebrew Bible reserves for false ‘prophets’?  No.  He will make excuses- just like Harold Camping did.  8 times.

Anyway, ‘Pastor’ Hagee-  here’s your Dilly (and you’re sharing it with each and every single person who believes what you say) -


Beth Moore: Winner of this Week’s Dilly Award

In a January 2014 blog post entitled, “A New Year, A New Time,” popular Southern Baptist Bible teacher Beth Moore shared the following alleged God-given revelation:

In mid-November of 2012, God dropped a word so convicting on my heart through another teacher’s lesson that my face instantly burned. . . . This was the word:

“Stop sowing over and over in the exact same field.”

I wasn’t looking for it. I didn’t ask for it. I was happy where I was. Like many of you, I like things to stay the same. I loved my circle of relationships and the familiar places I got to serve. I’ve never lost a passion for those places and have often wept with thanksgiving to God for the privilege of walking through some of the same doors again and again. I have a history of long relationships and staying put and that’s how I like things. But I knew God was talking to me. It burned like a branding iron.

Every single day for nearly 14 months, that same word has reverberated in my soul and troubled my feet. . . .

Fast forward 12 months exactly to the most recent November. A year after hearing from God so clearly about sowing further than the field that I’d loved and served in for so long, I had a very disturbing dream. I can count the significant dreams I’ve had through the decades on one hand so I’m not prone to look for messages in my sleep to keep from having to actually pray and read the Bible. That God can speak through dreams is clear in our own Bibles, of course, but for many of us it is unusual. I don’t feel the release right now to describe the dream though I may someday. What I do feel is a strong compelling to share with you what I knew beyond a doubt it meant. I believe that I can either be obedient to God in the faith walk He is setting before me or He will take my voice. I do not feel that it was a rebuke. I felt that it was a warning.

(Source, emphasis added)At the time, Do Not Be Surprised emphasized the danger of Moore’s claims to receiving direct, personal revelation from God. What was not emphasized at that time was the content of the revelation.


Beth, for the sin of presumption- and theological incompetence- here’s your more than well deserved Dilly-


Put the Bible down, walk away, and never presume to speak for God again.

Another Dilettante Politician Pretending to Be a Theologian: Suzanne Atanus

These people slay me.

Suzanne Atanus, Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Illinois, claims autism and dementia are God’s punishment for abortion and LGBT rights.  Atanus claims that God is “angry” with the United States and has sent scourges like autism and dementia to punish the American people, according to a report published Jan. 22 by the Chicago Daily Herald.  Atanus is seeking the Republican nomination for the 9th Congressional District in Illinois. Her opponent for theGOP nomination is David Earl Williams III, a first time candidate and U.S. Navy veteran, who says he voted for Barack Obama in 2008 but has since changed his political leanings.

If God is sending a scourge on our country I’d be more likely to see it in the scourge of our worthless politicians.  They are our true punishment.  Anyway, since At-anus isn’t a theologian, she’s hardly qualified to offer theological opinions.  Hence, Ms At-anus-  here’s your Dilly.  It’s well deserved.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson Needs to Stop Trying to be a Theologian

America’s favorite astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson sat down with PBS’ Bill Moyers Friday for an extended conversation about science, religion and the universe. Addressing science teachers who want to teach creationism in the classroom, Tyson said they can worship whatever God they want as long as they “keep it out” of the classroom.

Tyson said he does not believe that faith and reason are “reconcilable” so he refuses to give credit to those who are trying to do so. “The track record is so poor,” he said, “the going forward I have essentially zero confidence that there would be fruitful things to emerge from the effort to reconcile them.” He went on to explain that as more scientific discoveries are made, the more “figurative” religious texts like the Bible become.

Who cares what he believes about the intersection of science and faith.  He isn’t a theologian.  Maybe he should stop pretending that he is.  If he wants to pontificate about astrophysics, have at.  Who cares.  But he has as much right to opine about theology as any other dilettante, which is precisely what he is when he leaves his field and trespasses in one which he has no skill concerning.

What leads him to think he does have that right?  Hubris.  His worship of science leads him to believe that his worldview is the only worldview.  That doesn’t make him smart, it makes him silly.

One of the smartest men I have ever known- perhaps the smartest, Wentzel van Huyssteen, works on precisely the issue of science and theology.  I’d accept his view on his worst day before I’d give Tyson’s a wink or a nod on his very best day.

Anyway, in recognition of your accomplishment, Neil, here’s your award:


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Megyn Kelly: or, Why Celebs Should Never, EVER, Talk about Jesus

Posted in Dilettante, Dilly the Dilettante Award, Eisegete This!, media, mockery by Jim on December 12, 2013

Evidently, if news reports are to be believed, Megyn Kelly is yet another Hollywoodite (like Roma Downey and Mark Burnett and the rest) who splatter on about Jesus and the Bible vacant any actual knowledge of it.  Recently Kelly apparently described Jesus…

Jesus was closer in appearance to the reconstruction on the right than Kelly’s absurd Elfish nonsense. Consequently, Ms Kelly, here’s your Dilly. I know you Hollywood folks love awards. Treasure yours:


Oh, and Megyn…


This Week’s Dilly Recipient: J.M. Rood

For this:

The Ark of the Covenant is considered by many anthropologists to be the most important and perhaps the costliest man-made artifact in the history of the human race – and its whereabouts have remained a secret buried in time.  That is, until excavations on the Temple mount in Jerusalem uncovered the foundations of Solomon’s Temple.

And it gets much, much worse.  Appalling ignorance is at work here.  Or outright deception.

Here you go, Mr Rood- here’s your Dilly:


[HT Eric Cline]

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Another Crank in Sheep’s Clothing

A Eugene, Ore., pastor who thinks churches focus too much on sin and not enough on connecting people to God, is now trying to appeal to people who have been hurt by churches through a campaign called “Church Sucks” featuring shorter services and music by Katy Perry and Maroon 5 at his church, One Love.

“Some churches have become the kind of place where you point the finger, and you condemn and rebuke and you’re really quick to do it, and so I think that is definitely lending itself to people not wanting anything to do with church and thinking church sucks!” Tony Crank, senior pastor at the One Love Church in Eugene told KVAL.

Ever read Jeremiah, or Isaiah, or Amos, Mr Crank?  No, of course not.  You’ve expurgated, in good emergent fashion, all of those passages which may cause your precious darlings to grow uncomfortable with their distance from God as wrought by sin (another term which you dislike doubtless).

Since September, One Love church has been mailing out their Church Sucks message to hundreds of homes in Lane County promising a different kind of church.

Among the differences, according to the report, are shorter services lasting just over half an hour, the mixing of modern and contemporary music from artists like Maroon 5 and Katie Perry with worship music, and a leader who is a pastor, not a preacher.

Ok I have to be honest right now- I wish it were the 16th century and Mr Crank were in Munster (where his theological forebears lived and wrought havoc).

“There is a perception that to come into church you’ve got to be perfect. Sometimes what that allows people to do is to kind of judge people that we might perceive to not be that kind of stereotypical perfect person. It turns a lot of people off to what the ultimate message of Christ is,” said Kyle Cunningham, One Love Church’s worship pastor.

What rubbish.  NO ONE in any church known to me thinks you have to be perfect to come into Church.

During his service on Sunday, Crank told his congregation, “don’t get your panties in a bunch” and talked about how his dog urinated on his mother during a recent visit to his home. He then connected that discussion to a message about the church being too quick to shame people for perceived sin.

HOW is that proclamation of the gospel? It isn’t.  It’s pandering and falsehood and has nothing to do with redemption, which REQUIRES repentance.   ‘Perceived sin’?  No, Crank, sin isn’t perceived.  It’s real.

Church doesn’t suck, accommodationism sucks.  Church doesn’t suck, watering down the gospel sucks.  Church doesn’t suck, exchanging songs which point worshipers to God to pop culture instead sucks.

Mr Crank, publicity seeker, emergent false teacher- here’s your dilly.  You are neither hot nor cold- you’re vomit.


Cindy Jacobs: Once Again, The Weekly Dilly Winner

Self-proclaimed television prophet Cindy Jacobs recently told her followers that her faith once caused a woman to re-grow a cheek bone in seconds and that she was able to self-heal a grapefruit-sized tumor caused by Satan.  In a web video posted last week, Jacobs explained that she once felt “crippled in my gift” to heal because she prayed for someone and they died.  “I was so hurt over this that I wasn’t willing anymore to extend my faith, I was shipwrecked,” she said.

But at a prayer meeting, Jacobs said she began to “move out powerfully in faith.”  “I gave this prophecy, ‘You were in a car accident, and it destroyed your right cheekbone, so literally there’s a hollow under your cheek, you have no cheekbone. Where are you?’” she asked people at the meeting. “You see, that even takes faith to ask someone to stand up when you’re ministering like this.”

“And so, this woman stood up, you could see that she had been in a car accident, she had that concave, you know, look to her cheek,” Jacobs continued. “And I said, ‘Reach up and feel it.’ And she did. And as she rubbed her hand over her cheek, when she moved it away, you could see, God had grown the bone right under her hand.”  “Praise the Lord!”

Pentebabbleist rubbish, heretical deception, and theological dilettantism of the first order.  Cindy, here’s your dilly- and your destiny.

While The Press Wets Itself Over Francis’ Comment on Gay Priests…

Posted in Dilettante, Dilly the Dilettante Award, media by Jim on July 30, 2013

What was he really talking about?

“Judge not, that ye be not judged,” Christ said two millenia ago. Pope Francis’ recent restatement of this—“A gay person who is seeking God, who is of good will—well, who am I to judge him?”—will surprise only those who have accepted the ugliest stereotypes of Christian moral teaching. Is the Pope’s statement newsworthy? No, except in the sense of being the good news everywhere and always in need of proclaiming.

Francis’ comments were aimed not at revising the Church’s moral teaching but rather at distinguishing between the Church’s pastoral response to homosexuality and its resistance to groups—among them the so-called “gay lobby”—that work to manipulate the Church and undermine its teaching:

A gay person who is seeking God, who is of good will—well, who am I to judge him? The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this very well. It says one must not marginalize these persons, they must be integrated into society. The problem isn’t this (homosexual) orientation—we must be like brothers and sisters. The problem is something else, the problem is lobbying either for this orientation or a political lobby or a Masonic lobby.

Far from suggesting any revision in Church teaching, Francis explicitly rejects “lobbying . . . for this orientation.” Francis welcomes gay persons while resisting any pressure to silence Christian moral witness.

So a simple reiteration of the Gospel has been turned by advocates of a gay priesthood and the ignorant press into something altogether different.  Same garbage, different day.  An inept press corps ineptly twisting to an agenda’s advantage a normal and intelligible comment by the Pontiff.

The media really can’t be trusted to get anything right.  Journalism is dead.  Entertain-o-lism has replaced it.  Consequently, media, here’s your dilly-


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There Are Amateurs, There are Dilettantes, and then There are Super Ignorant Super Dilettantes…

This chap falls into the latter category:

Yisrayl Hawkins says that he discovered a truly Great Prophecy that proves the whole bible to be true and dependable. He claims it proves all the Prophets true, from Genesis to Malakyah. Plus, it proves the Savior, Yahshua Messiah, true; also, the twelve Disciples and the Apostle Shaul all true and inspired by Yahweh.

When asked, how does one Prophecy prove all of Yahweh’s Prophets in the Holy Scriptures, Hawkins said, Because every last one of the Prophets spoke of matters that could only come to pass if this one Great Prophecy was fulfilled first. The same with the Savior and the twelve Disciples and the Apostle Shaul.

Yes, it’s like that. One secret super prediction that proves the entire Bible a historical document documenting historical stuff…

Amateurs are cool.  Dilettantes are annoying, but super dilettantes are dangerous because their spread ignorance is intentionally misleading.  The other two, when they misspeak, are just wrong unintentionally and sometimes comically.  But the Yisrayl Hawkins of the world are disturbed distorters.

All I have to give is this Dilly, Mr Hawkins- would that NT Wrong would be super kind and come up with a Super Ignorant Super Dilettante award, for you would surely be the first recipient.


Yisryal Hawkins has written a letter describing this prophecy in full detail, which can be found on The House of Yahweh blog here  Hawkins says you’ll be able to prove this for yourself by using the Holy Scriptures and the letter he has written to back his claims.

Yeah.  No.


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