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The day Bullinger Was Called to Zurich: December 9, 1531

After the productive period of the Zwinglian Reformation, which embraced fifteen years, from 1516 to 1531, followed the period of preservation and consolidation under difficult circumstances. It required a man of firm faith, courage, moderation, patience, and endurance. Such a … Continue reading

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News on the Bullinger Front

The IRG announces Heinrich Bullinger: Diarium Heinrich Bullingers Diarium (Annales vitae) der Jahre 1504-1574: Zum 400. Geburtstag Bullingers am 18. Juli 1904, hg. von Emil Egli, Basel: Basler Buch- und Antiquariats-Handlung, 1904 (Quellen zur schweizerischen Reformationsgeschichte 2), XV & 145 … Continue reading

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Fun With Bullinger

Simply for your reading pleasure: Ägidius Tschudi an Bullinger Glarus, 6. Dezember 1541 Autograph: Zürich StA, E II 338, 1382 (Siegel) Gedruckt: Jakob Vogel, Egidius Tschudi als Staatsmann und Geschichtschreiber. Ein Beitrag zur Schweizergeschichte des sechszehnten Jahrhunderts, Zürich 1856, S. … Continue reading

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Bullinger’s Bremgarten

With thanks to Joe Mock for sending these:

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Heinrich Bullinger’s ‘Diarium’ For Residents Outside North America

Folk in North America can access Bullinger’s very, very hard to find Diarium here.  But that link won’t work for folk in Europe and elsewhere, so I’ve put a copy in Dropbox from which you can extract it no matter … Continue reading

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In Honor of Huldrych

“Dum autem illa a Luthero apud Saxones agerentur, in Helvetiis Huld[rychus] Zvinglius, sanctae memoriae antistes ecclesiae Tigurinae, regnum dei praedicat et spiritu Heliae antichristi regnum strenue oppugnat, capit et diruit.” – Heinrich Bullinger

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Why The Pope Cannot Be the Vicar of Christ

“Si ergo Papa Christi vicarius est, Christus abest. Ubi autem Christus non est, ibi regnum tenebrarum, regnum ergo tenebrarum est cui praeest Vicarius Christi.”  —  Heinrich Bullinger Oh SNAP!

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