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Christian Brady: The Post of the Day

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Manfred Weippert: Historisches Textbuch zum Alten Testament

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978-3-525-51693-5I have searched high and low for a review of this volume, and cannot find one.  I can’t understand why.  Weippert’s work is always prudent and that this book hasn’t been discussed seems very odd.

It is a commonplace that the history of ancient Israel (that is, Israel and Judah) cannot be written and understood on the basis of the Old Testament alone. It is therefore necessary to make sources accessible that provide a kind of external perspective by which the statements of the Old Testament can be assigned to the world to which they relate or seem to relate. Due to scholarly research into the ancient Near East and its languages during the past two and a half centuries two groups of materials have emerged: Ancient Near Eastern texts and findings from archaeological work. The book offers a selection from the former group focusing on such written documents that relate directly or indirectly to conditions and events associated with Canaan/Palestine, Israel and Judah. All 338 texts have been translated from the original languages (Egyptian, Akkadian, Ancient North Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Hittite, Moabite, Phoenician). Understanding the texts is facilitated by historical introductions, detailed comments on individual texts and references to relevant sections from the Old Testament. For further reading detailed bibliographies are provided. The book can also be used independently as an anthology of texts on the history of Southern Syria and Palestine in the 2nd and 1st millennia BC.

A Discussion of the Apocryphal Gospels- By Authentic Scholars

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With many thanks to Petru Moldovan. – You Should Bookmark It

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It’s brilliant.  I’ve added it to the ‘Useful Sites’ segment on the nav panel.


Excerpts from the Forthcoming Volume ‘The True Herod’

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9780567575449On the T&T Clark blog.  Here’s the first of six slated to appear.

Reading Genesis – Joshua as a Settler Colonial Document: An Oxford Seminar

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Pekka Pitkanen is the presenter-

And should you be interested you can read the presentation script here.

Now Available: The Bible and Hellenism

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This book is out now.

Front cover.inddDid the Bible only take its definitive form after Alexander conquered the Near East, after the Hellenisation of the Samaritans and Jews, and after the founding of the great library of Alexandria? The Bible and Hellenism takes up one of the most pressing and controversial questions of Bible Studies today: the influence of classical literature on the writing and formation of the Bible.

Bringing together a wide range of international scholars, The Bible and Hellenismexplores the striking parallels between biblical and earlier Greek literature and examines the methodological issues raised by such comparative study. The book argues that the oral traditions of historical memory are not the key factor in the creation of biblical narrative. It demonstrates that Greek texts – from such authors as Homer, Hesiod, Herodotus and Plato – must be considered amongst the most important sources for the Bible.

I’ve read through it- it really does contain a number of very important essays.

Candida Moss on the Travel Channel

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Don Wildman is on location in Israel to investigate a mountaintop fortress, examine the room of the last supper, and walk through the famed Garden of Gethsemane to shed new light on Christ’s betrayer, Judas.  Sunday, April 20, 2014.

Check your provider for time (I guess).  I am thinking that the room of the Last Supper isn’t the actual room because that no longer exists and the room they will actually show will be the Crusader Period upper room.  And, I don’t know how walking through Gethsemane will shed any light on Judas, but what the heck, let’s give it a watching.  I’m sure Candida will do a good job.  She has so far.

I’ll live blog it.  I know you lot love it when I do that…

New in Bible and Interpretation

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An essay by Joy Schroeder-

Through the centuries, interpreters usually distinguished between Deborah’s civil role as judge and her religious role as prophet—a distinction that likely did not apply to the world of Hebrew scripture. Proponents of women’s political power lifted up Deborah as an example of successful female civil leadership. Opponents argued that her judgeship was “honorary” and offered no precedent.

It looks quite fine (I haven’t read it yet- having just been informed of it by Mark Elliott). Let me know.

Huldrych Zwingli’s Exegetical Works: Matthew-Mark

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The kind folk at the Theologischer Verlag Zurich sent some time back the new volume of Zwingli’s works in the Corpus Reformatorum critical edition.  This volume contains Zwingli’s notes on Matthew and Mark.  I’ve uploaded my review and it is available here.

Die historisch-kritische Gesamtausgabe der Werke Zwinglis wird vom Zwingliverein zusammen mit dem Institut für schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte herausgegeben. Die Ausgabe gliedert sich in die Abteilungen Werke, Briefe, Randglossen und Exegetische Schriften. In den Exegetischen Schriften, die nun komplett vorliegen, sind Zwinglis Übersetzungen und Erläuterungen biblischer Schriften versammelt – in der durch die Bibel gegebenen Reihenfolge. Die Bände 1 bis 4 enthalten die Erklärungen zum Alten Testament (Band 1 und 2 liegen schon seit längerer Zeit vor). Die Erklärungen zum Neuen Testament finden sich in den Bänden 5 bis 9.


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