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Why The Press Seldom Gets Scholars Right: The Case of the Summeily Bulla

When the recent discovery of a bulla was announced by the media they interviewed the dig director for his view and Israel Finkelstein for his.   In spite of the fact that the report was posted online (and thus had … Continue reading

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Carol Meyers Reviews Faust’s Latest Volume

Noting in the Journal of the American Oriental Society 134.3 (2014) This project, which draws on a wide variety of materials from surveys as well as excavations, has convincingly established certain aspects of ancient Israelite society. However, it is not … Continue reading

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It’s Too Bad Israel Doesn’t Revoke Archaeological Licenses when Exaggerated Claims are Made

The Antiquities Ministry has suspended an excavation license given to a Brigham Young University archaeology team following a story in The Daily Mail newspaper quoting the team’s leader saying they may have discovered “one million mummies,” a claim the ministry … Continue reading

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9,000 Year Old Olive Oil…

Yuck.  It must really taste awful.

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Blind in Jerusalem

Joe Zias has a post worth reading in the Times of Israel today. Jerusalem’s vast number of ancient tombs have always been a source of  important archaeological information concerning those historical  personages to whom one is in debt.  Unfortunately while … Continue reading

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Archaeology, Israel, and, Usually, Much Ado About Nothing

A while back the press was screaming or screeching excitedly that a synagogue had been found in Magdala.  Nope.  Turns out it wasn’t that at all.  Jona Lendering sums up the situation in a sentence or two- The palace of … Continue reading

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Jason, Ur, ASOR, Plenary….


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