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Searching For an Explanation

A person in Tunisia has sent me these photos of a stone artifact he discovered in his back yard whilst doing some yard work.  He asked if I might know what the inscriptions might mean and what period of time … Continue reading

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Overpopulation and Drought Doomed the Neo-Assyrian Empire

Or so claim some folk researching the subject. The vast and powerful Neo-Assyrian Empire came to an end around the end of the 7th century BC. Until recently, the decline of the empire had largely been attributed to civil unrest … Continue reading

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A Qumran Deluge

This is, according to Jack Sasson, footage from Qumran’s Saturday deluge.

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Eric Cline: Famous Author, Awesome Digger, and Now, TV (Or At Least YouTube) Star!

This guy is everywhere. Every. Where. I knew him when…

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If You’re Near Penn State… (Or the University of Pennsylvania… Aren’t they the Same Thing?)

You’ll want to go to this: See Something? Say Something! Archaeological Ethics and the Gray Areas of Papyrology Douglas Boin, Saint Louis University Thursday, November 13, 2014 12:30pm – Nevil Classroom, Penn Museum Brown Bag Lecture – Please Bring a … Continue reading

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Bezalel Porten’s Proposal to Amend the ASOR Professional Guidelines

Bezalel recommends the following amendment to the ASOR professional guidelines and offers it to the ASOR public for consideration: Propose E.1.d.ii ASOR recognizes the unprecedented phenomenon that in the early-1990s there were uncovered at (an) unknown site(s) somewhere in the … Continue reading

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The ‘I Can’t Believe SBL is Just Around the Corner’ Biblical Studies Carnival

This month’s Carnival is a chronological overview of the best posts of not just the month, but of each day of the month.  And they all lead up to the ginormous festival we lovingly call the SBL Annual Meeting.  It’s … Continue reading

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