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More MegaChurch Pastor Misconduct: The Case of Bob Coy

RNS reports

Florida megachurch pastor Bob Coy has resigned from his 20,000 Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale congregation over a “moral failing.”  “On April 3, 2014, Bob Coy resigned as Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, effective immediately, after confessing to a moral failing in his life which disqualifies him from continuing his leadership role at the church he has led since its founding in 1985,” a statement on the church’s website says.  A call placed to Coy on Sunday was not returned.

I guess he’s being coy…   And…

Blogger Michael Newnham wrote that Coy was dismissed by the church board. “We have confirmed that Coy has admitted to at least two affairs in the past year alone and has had a long standing ‘problem with pornography,’” he wrote.

Look, it’s time everyone admit that these mega church pastors become or are already egomaniacs who think that none of the rules apply to them.  They are so fawned over and so wealthy that they act more like tv stars than pastors.

Churches which are so large that they require stadiums are pastored by people who have no business being pastors, because for them the church is nothing more than business.  These super-large churches are doing more harm than good.  It’s time they shut their doors and disburse their congregants to the churches in their actual neighborhoods where their talents and materials can be put to use in service of something besides the mega pastor’s engorged ego.

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Written by Jim

April 6, 2014 at 21:28

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  1. He’s not being ‘coy’ he’s the real McCoy. Too much of this stuff going on and people tolerate it. Time to stop turning the other cheek as we hold people who call themselves ‘religious’ ,esp. religious leaders to a higher stnd. At least that what we used to do.

    April 7, 2014 at 00:19

  2. Actually, the Real McCoy  (Elijah) was an Afro-American, inventor, university grad, (Scotland ) who once lived in the town I ‘grewed up in’. Ypsilanti, MI, aka Ypsi-tucky, all from Harlan County, former coal miners.  Ironically his family, runaway slaves, miners, were orig.  from KY who escaped via the underground RR to Canada. 

    A frnd of mine from high school who was involved in politics and PC correct, thought it would be impt. to have a street named after him in Ypsi, since the town was named after a Greek patriot, even though there virtually no Greeks living there. Not to mention that McCoy too was orig. from KY, 11 brothers and sisters. Locals, were ‘a-gin it’ and thus fought against it, same way they voted in hard liquor by the glass and against a tax increase so the town would have a real library for the kids there. And you wonder why my English is so poor :-) 

    He died in Detroit in 1929 and in 1975 the MI historical society thought maybe it would be apropos to at least have a historical marker erected where he and family once lived.  Yet still no street named after him. Had he been white I’m sure they would have changed the name of the town, as there were a few Ky McCoys in town when I grew up there, but he wasn’t kin, at least they wouldn’t admit it.    Joe Zias


    Science and Antiquity – Jerusalem Jerusalem, Israel


    April 7, 2014 at 06:23

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    April 7, 2014 at 16:56

  4. Pastor Bob has lead thousands of people to our lord ! WE ARE ALL SINNERS! I PRAY FOR HIM AND HIS FAMILY. Yes everyone looked upped to him and now he has fallen now we should as brothers and sisters in Christ PRAY and be there for him.

    carmela dearth

    April 9, 2014 at 13:33

    • whilst i appreciate your sentiments- and they sound good, and nice- i would ask that you consider the difficulty in simply dismissing behavior that – though acceptable culturally, certainly is not acceptable for a representative of christ. sure, he can be forgiven. and sure, he should be supported and prayed for. but can you really just, with a wave of the hand, dismiss evil? if so, what does that say to those who need salvation? if we wink at sin, doesn’t that give the impression that god does as well?


      April 9, 2014 at 13:36

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