Not. A. Chance…

And why, why, why is it labelled ‘uncensored’?  Is that some sick cynical marketing ploy?  Will people who want to watch this debate (why anyone would want to is a complete mystery) only do so if they get to see something or hear something ‘uncensored’?  What the DEVIL does it say about the thing that ‘uncensored’ is even seen as a viable selling point?

Furthermore- why would I want to enrich either Bill Nye (who only seems to have helped Ken Ham raise money for his absurd Noah’s Ark Park) or Ken Ham?

No.  And I won’t say ‘no, thank you’, because that would be a lie.  There’s nothing here to say thank you for.  So, just NO!  NEIN!


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6 thoughts on “Not. A. Chance…

  1. You don’t need to be a full-blown conspiracy theorist to think that Ham’s organization _might_ selectively edit the debate to make Nye look bad. So it’s reassuring that didn’t happen, but obviously the UNCENSORED label is a marketing ploy.

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